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The world of the Avengers is rocked to its foundation in this cross-over event, leaving the Earth's Mightiest Heroes broken and changing their lives forever.


When Wasp began a romantic relationship with Hawkeye, she would constantly talk to Scarlet Witch about it. While lounging around the swimming pool Wasp (who was tipsy off of a few drinks at this point) began to talk about her relationship with Hawkeye, and the prospect of having children as a super-hero. Wasp slipped, mentioning in a somewhat mocking tone how Wanda believed she could have two, revealing to Wanda that she once had children that were hidden to her by her teacher. This triggered something deep inside Wanda�s mind.

Wanda sought out Agatha Harkness to figure out what had happened to her. After confirming that she had two children at one point and that she had hidden them from her, Wanda became enraged. Wanda had not actually ever had children. She had wanted to have children so bad that her power allowed her to make herself have them. It was Agatha Harkness that discovered that these children were not real, and were actually willed into being. Agatha erased the children as well as Wanda's recollection of them. The manifestation of Wanda's rage would be subtle at first, attacking the rest of the Avengers instinctively (almost subconsciously), picking them apart one at a time.

Ant Man

While several of the Avengers were lounging at the Avengers Mansion talking and eating an alarm went off. The visual showed the recently deceased Jack Of Hearts walking through the torn down mansion gates. It is not fully known wether Wanda had re-animated the corpse of Jack of Hearts, if this was some sort of artificial construct or illusion, or any other suitable explanation of how Jack had returned from the dead, however the rotting corpse of Jack still approached the mansion grounds. Scott Lang rushed out to his former friend, attempting to communicate with him. Jack of Hearts turned to Scott and simply said "I'm Sorry" before exploding, destroying the portion of the mansion currently occupied by the Avengers and Jarvis, as well as killing the current Ant Man. The other Avengers weren't able to get outside quickly enough to save their teammate, and could only puzzle over what had occurred.

Iron Man

Iron Man stood with his Iron Man armor on in front of the United Nations. Speaking on behalf of the Avengers and the United States, Stark began to sweat profusely and was overcome with feelings of drunkenness. This came as a shock to Stark who was, at the time, clean, but because of the sudden onset of drunkenness was not in control of his actions. Pointing an accusing finger at the Latveria delegate, Tony Started to shout and rant about how he should just kill him. An astonished Hank Pym and Scarlet Witch were unable to quiet their friend and teammate. When Stark raised an open palm to the delegate and began powering up his repulser ray Black Panther stood up in the audience in defense of the Latverian politician. Regaining some small amount of control over himself, Stark stormed off the stage. While Pym attempted to smooth things over with the audience, a teary-eyed Iron Man stood above the room watching. Wanda tried to figure out what was wrong with him and he admitted to her that it felt as though he were drunk again, but insisted that he was still sober. As Pym located the pair Wanda received an Avengers code white distress signal identifying that the Avenger's Mansion itself was in trouble. Flying out to the mansion Stark received a call from the Chief of Staff telling Stark that he was being forced into resigning from his government position.

The Vision

After the distress call went out the humanoid android Vision was spotted piloting an Avengers Quinjet towards the mansion. Captain America, the Falcon, and a team of SHIELD agents had already arrived on the scene. The Vision was coming in too fast, and the jet slammed into the already battered mansion. Apparently unharmed by the crash, the Vision stepped out of the wreckage towards the Avengers. The Vision stepped towards the group with a message indicating that he understood why they were all under siege, but hadn't the time to explain why or by whom and could do nothing to stop it. The features of an apologetic Vision began to distort as he expressed shame over what he had to do and could not control. Several large, silver orbs were ejected from the Vision's mouth which landed in front of the heroes. Each orb shifted and materialized into a copy of the Avengers long-time enemy Ultron. These Ultron robots began to attack the Avengers, and Captain America gave the call to assemble.

She Hulk

The team continued to attack the Ultron robots and She-Hulk became more and more enraged as the battle progressed. With tears streaming down her face she began to grow larger and more enraged. As the last Ultron robots were destroyed She-Hulk grabbed the damaged body of the Vision off of the ground and began shouting at him about what had happened. Cap and the others tried to get her to calm down, but the rage fully took over her. She ripped the Vision's body down the middle and cast the pieces aside. Unable to control her Hulk-like rage She-Hulk then began attacking her startled friends and team-mates who tried to calm her down. Iron Man finally arrived above the scene of the battle. Flying in at full speed Stark delivered a blow to She-Hulk which rendered her unconscious. Hank Pym arrived shortly behind, towering over the wreckage. He scooped up the unconscious tiny body of his long time love the Wasp who was in the hands of the Falcon, and rushed her to the hospital.

In the wake of the destruction Captain America sought minor medical attention to fix a dislocated shoulder. Kelsey Leigh (Lionheart) was in critical condition. Jennifer Walters was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and put into stasis pending investigation. Scott Lang was dead, and his remains were in a S.H.I.E.L.D. morgue. The Vision's remains were boxed up and sent to Stark Enterprises for storage and investigation. Now in a coma, Wasp was in critical condition. Still in her tiny form, the doctors were unable to do much for her and Hank Pym stood crying over her tiny body.

The remaining Avengers met in the courtyard. It was obvious that they were under attack, but it occurred so suddenly and the damage was so intense that they were all left trying to piece together exactly what had happened. As Tony began to share with the others what had occurred a now-costumed Hank Pym rushed out to address what had happened earlier. Pym accused Stark of drunkenness. Stark pleaded his case, but because of past lapses the others weren't all entirely convinced of his sobriety. Angered and hurt that his teammates wouldn't believe him, Iron Man left the scene.


The Avengers took their Quinjet back to the Mansion to find a group of all nearby avengers past and present who had heard about what had happened, close friends in the superhero community, as well as Nick Fury. With the large group now interrupting a S.H.I.E.L.D. investigation, Fury ordered the group to disperse when a Kree warship appeared from behind the clouds overhead. Dozens of smaller Kree attack ships began to pour out of the larger craft and attack the heroes below. Fury called for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier to analyze the attack, but they were unable to find any trace of the attack fleet's existence.

Captain America was able to take down one of the Kree warriors who only told them that they would be wiped off the map for their betrayal. More Kree infantry began to materialize around the startled heroes. Hawkeye stepped up and began quickly taking down the attacking aliens around him. He was hammered in the back by the fire of several gunman at once, stunning and injuring him. Looking around at the faces of his friends, Hawkeye was determined not to go out in this manner. He rushed one of the Kree and grabbed hold of him, activating his jetpack and sending the two of them skyward. The others could only standby helplessly as Hawkeye spiraled into the intake of the largest Kree ship, causing it to explode. The remaining Kree troops around the ground dematerialized as quickly as they had first come, and the smaller attack ships fled the scene. Some of the angry Avengers wanted to follow, but the ominous astral form of Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme appeared in front of them warning that he arrived as quickly as he could and that that the source of the assault on the Avengers is magic based.

Doctor Strange

Standing before the Avengers Doctor Strange's form apologized to the Avengers for not arriving sooner. Much of Strange's duties as protector of the realm include meditation, and where his mind was when the attacks began he could not "see" what was happening until it was too late. He told the group that only a being of great magical power could have caused what was happening to them and asked if they had encountered anyone who could have been capable of creating this sort of chaos. The group explained to Doctor Strange what had happened to the children.

Strange had not known any of this and believed the children which he had delivered to still be around. Many of the Avengers could not believe that even with the turmoil surrounding her life that Wanda could have caused any of what had happened. Strange wove a harrowing tale for the group, explaining that unlike most mystics Wanda did not earn her power through meditation and spirituality, but instead was simply given them by virtue of her being a mutant. He did not believe her Hexes were powerful enough to create such devastation, and the others told him about the "Chaos Magic" (as Wanda called it) that the Scarlet Witch now possessed which allowed her to control probability and even reality itself. He explained to the group that there was no such Chaos Magic, and explained his position on their friend.

Strange declared Wanda to be insane, driven to insanity by the extreme power of her reality altering abilities. He was aghast that she had been allowed to live her life without checks and balances, saying anyone who had such a powerful control over probability would have a lose grasp on reality. He scolded the Avengers for not consulting with him about Wanda�s past. He told the Avengers that he would be able to help them locate Wanda, but because of her condition they may not like what they found.

Wanda Maximoff

The Avengers located Wanda having dinner with magical constructs of Wonder Man, the Vision, Agatha Harkness, and the children that she had created before, now around the age of ten. Captain America first entered to address Wanda, but her "children" became defensive, rushing to their mother for aid. Behind Captain America appeared a group of Nazis as well as the Red Skull. They attacked Cap, sending him flying out the front window. The other avengers began to close in on the building as Wanda flew out over the grounds warning them to leave her children alone. As the Avengers attempted to apprehend her, enemies of each individual materialized and began to attack.

Strange confronted Wanda. Her power was great, but was no match for the power and training of the Sorcerer Supreme. He was able to hold off all of the constructs she threw at him, and consulted the All-Seeing Eye of Agamotto to show her the truth. A stunned Scarlett Witch fell down to the earth and landed in Captain America's arms. All of her creations faded away.

Magneto was in Genosha with Professor X and the mutants that made up Excalibur trying to rebuild after the most recent destruction of the small nation. Upon hearing about the destruction caused by his daughter, Magneto summoned his magnetic energy and created a wormhole to travel to Wanda's aid. Appearing before the startled Avengers, he spoke to Captain America, telling him that Xavier was right to say that Magneto had failed the Captain. Magneto then took his daughter away, and flew back to Genosha. He sealed them within his home in hopes of protecting her from the outside world. With Xavier's help he hoped to repair her shattered mind and nurse her back to health.
Crossover Details

Characters Involved

Agatha Harkness, Beast, Black Knight, Black Panther, Black Widow, Crystal, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Dum Dum Dugan, Falcon, Hank Pym(YellowJacket), Hercules, Hulk (as a manifestation of the Scarlet Witch's power), Human Torch, Iron Man, Iron Fist, Invisible Woman, Jack Of Hearts,Magneto, Jarvis, Jocasta, Justice, Lionheart, Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Photon, Rogue (as a manifestation of the Scarlet Witch's power), Scarlet Witch, Scott Lang (Ant-Man), Namor, Quicksilver (most likely a manifestation of the Scarlet Witch's power), Red Skull (as a manifestation of the Scarlet Witch's power), Sentry, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Thing, Tigra, Ultron (most likely a manifestation of the Scarlet Witch's power),Vision, Wasp, Wolverine (as a manifestation of the Scarlet Witch's power), Wonder Man


Hawkeye, Scott Lang, Vision

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House of M - After the destruction of the Avengers, Wanda was coerced by her brother Quicksilver into manipulating reality to create a world where mutants ruled the earth and humankind was hated by the mutant majority. The Avengers Disassembled event is considered by Marvel to be the first part of a trilogy event, with the House of M being the second part.

Civil War - The third part of the trilogy event started out and continued by the House of M, the Civil war was largely influenced by the events of both other story-lines.

Influenced by the Avengers Disassembled

The House of M prepared for and generated several other story-archs including:


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Onslaught Reborn

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