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X Men: complaints, likes, & predictions

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X-Men: complaints, likes, & predictions

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So I just wanted to give my thoughts and opinions about the X-Men as of late and my possible theories of what might happen with them next.

To start off with, I feel that the House of M was a good step that Marvel took with the X-Men and an exciting idea which was a big part of why I started reading comics again. The mutant population seemed like it was becoming a bit too large and less of a unique occurrence. While that event was a smart move, the aftermath has been lack luster for me.

1.The whole survival mode of all mutants having to band together seems overplayed to a degree. I realize the mutant population is now a fraction of what it once was but I don’t feel like that means all the mutants would rally together or feel more threatened. I mean if you were a mutant and still are after the events or even if you’re a de-powered one that doesn’t really change who knows you are a mutant. Seems like most mutants can just fit into regular society without being noticed. My point is it just seems a bit overdone that all mutants need to come together under the X-Men. That’s what it feels like too that most mutants are now under the X-Men’s protection or now part of the team. So to me it now seems like it isn’t that unique to be an X-Man. It seems like most anyone can be an X-Man these days and I don’t really like that.

To go along with that last point a bit more, there have been some characters as X-Men that don’t seem to fit at all. Before Messiah Complex Mystique and Sabertooth were part of Rogue’s team and I that rubbed me the wrong way. I know (or at least I think I’m right) that both have had involvement with the X-Men in the past but really Cyclops and the others just let them join the team?? I know the mutant population is a fraction of what it once was but both characters are just evil and you have to know that they are going to burn the X-Men in the end, which they did. Also Namor being an X-Man as well seems fairly unnatural. I don’t know too much about Namor’s character but he kind of seems like a jerk and doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s going to be one of Cyclops’s chess pieces.

2. I get the feeling when I’m reading the X titles that the X-Men are like an army with Scott Summers as their general. I think that’s what the writers are going with it to further show the crisis of the mutant race but its not how I pictured the X-Men over the years. They are a super powered team that beats the out of bad guys just like the Avengers or Fantastic 4. I haven’t really read much of the new X-Force but with crossovers and what not I get the sense that it really comes out in that. I mean I think X-Force is referred to as Scott’s black ops squad. Its just an aspect that they have been playing out lately that I don’t really like. The upside to it is that I think that will set up some interesting stories down the road. Clearly Beast had an issue with it, Nightcrawler did before he died and recently Storm has objected to the new X-Force and its missions. I think it can led to some nice story arcs and I hope they do run with that tension that they have been building.

3. My last point and maybe the thing that upsets me the most is that they have such a large cast but it seems like only a few X-Men are really highlighted so it actually seems smaller. I remember when the X titles each had a specific team to it with the blue and gold teams. I enjoy when the X-Men are set up like that with a nice group of 6 or so and you get to see those X-Men in it each month. I guess Uncanny is the one that has been most guilty of this. They have an island filled with mutants yet I feel that I only read about Cyclops and Emma Frost in any depth at all. I think some characters are just lost in the shuffle with this and it seems kind of ridiculous. For example, I haven’t seen Iceman in forever it seems like. I see him in the background some and in Second Coming he was part of the action but we didn’t hear much from him. It just seems kind of crazy that a major character like him is in the background.

4. Anyways… I think I did enough complaining. I was fairly satisfied with the Second Coming arc. It had allot of Sentinel fights and time traveling so defiantly had some classic X-Men themes. I like the tensions/relationships that they started to build between Hope and some of the characters like Cyclops, Wolverine and Magneto. I think the end had it wrapped up pretty well and got me excited for the next arcs which I still am excited about and enjoying so far. The Five Lights arc in Uncanny seems interesting. Its good to see some new mutants and clearly seems like these ones are different and I’m hoping the story will remain intriguing. Its also interesting in the first one how the new mutant had an almost instant and somewhat unnatural loyalty to Hope. I really enjoyed the latest issue of X-men Legacy as well with Rogue taking some of the younger mutants to India. I really like Rogue and think having the book focusing on her is working out so far. I know I had left early complaints of villains being on the X-Men but I like Magneto’s involvement so far. Magneto is one of my favorite villains if not number one and his relationship with the X-Men is different and find him joining the X-Men at this time is believable and works out.

5. I have a few predictions and/or theories about what might being happening with X-Men and what I’d like to see happen. First, Gambit is my favorite X-Man and I’m glad to see him back with the X-Men. I’m not a big fan of his Death persona that has been popping out, although it was pretty cool when it came out during the Second Coming Hellbound arc which I thought was surprisingly good. So far in the X-titles this instance of Gambit turning into Death and trying to kill and corrupt his teammates hasn’t been brought up which is a bit weird but I think its just due to the fact that they can’t fit it into the current stories going on right now. Anyways my theory with his Death persona is that its actually Mr. Sinister’s consciousness at least partly. A while back Gambit was basically talking to this Death persona in which Death asked Gambit if he knew who it was. Gambit replied: the Death persona that Apocalypse made (basically) and it replied: not quite. Back in X-Men Legacy, Professor X and others destroyed a machine that would awaken Sinister’s consciousness within Professor X, Shaw or a few others. I think Sinister did something like this with Gambit when Gambit joined up with him in the Messiah Complex. I’m hoping something will be done in which Gambit and his Death persona are separated so Gambit is himself and hopefully Sinister is back as well.

My other theory of what might happen and what I’d like to see happen is a split with the X-Men to some degree. Like I was saying earlier seems like there are at least a few X-Men that aren’t pleased with Cyclops’s tactics especially his X-Force. I’d like to see Professor X led a team of X-men back at a rebuilt X-Mansion while Scott is a leader of a different team on Utopia. For me that would be perfect if that happened. Its seems like Xavier has been in exile so to speak long enough for the crappy things he did. I feel like some of the X-Men would be ready to give him another chance and split with Scott as well. I don’t feel like there would have to be tension or that the two teams would fight like a X-Men civil war or anything. I just think some X-Men aren’t happy with Scott and would be willing to take a shot with Professor X again. I think it would help to make more defined teams as well. Scott’s team could be focused on the Uncanny title and Xavier’s team could be focused in the X-Men title or what not.

So that’s all my ramblings for right now. If anyone else has some thoughts please comment. Love to talk about it even more.

  • Aug 16, '10 by Iceman69's avatar Iceman69
  • I tink that would be cool to have the X-men split and go off into two directions with two diffrent leaders. I like the fact that all the X-books are back, as far as X-force, New Mutants and X-factor. In fact I think the other X-books are better than the X-men and Uncanny titles. I think that the New X-men title sucks, what the hell are they bringing in Vampires for? I use to be a huge X-men fan but now I'm more into the Avengers, but both teams suffer from the same issues you just talked about, if your a mutant, you get to be a X-men and if you a super powered being you get to be an Avenger. Wolverine is on every F@#%$&* team, they make jokes about it but it's not funny anymore it's way over done. Same holds true for Deadpool he's all over the place. I like it when the X-men keep it simple you have a core team of 6 to 10 and each team is doing something diffrent and they come togeather every once in a while. I did enjoy Messiah Complex, I think it was well done and ended well. I like your idea about Cyclopse taking one team and the Prof. taking the other. As for Gambit you may be on to something, if you have read "X-Men The End" it has something in the series about Gambit being Sinisters clone or something like that, I'd have to go back and read it. I would also like to see more of Iceman, I like what they have done with Angel and Beast, Iceman needs more spot light,he could be such a great character. As for the Namore thing, I dont get it either.
  • Aug 16, '10 by Web-Head83's avatar Web-Head83
  • I don't really read the other titles as far as X-factor and X-Force. I guess I have to limit myself as far as how many books I get first of all plus I don't like that both of those titles aren't anything like the original titles. I did start to pick up the New Mutants title and its good so far.

    The thing with Wolverine being on so many teams I would agree with you there. The thing with me is not so much him being on different teams its more of the fact that the market is flooded with Wolverine. It starts to be less and less about stories and more about what can Marvel stick him in to sell books.

    I didn't read that X-Men the End title that you mentioned that had something of Gambit being a clone of Sinister but I did hear about that. I also heard thoughts that maybe Gambit would turn out to be Sinister's son. i think over the years and what I have been reading lately that something to the nature will be revealed at some point. I'd prefer if Gambit would turn out to just be his son. I wouldn't like the whole cloning or genetic engineering stuff involved with Gambit that Sinister is always involved in.

    As far as the new X-Men title, I'm a bit on the fence about it. I'm not hating it like I have heard some people's complaints on it so far. When it was coming out, I read interviews with the writer, Gischler about the new X-Men title. They talked about how the title was going to be on a small core team with some established X-Men and a few newer ones. Then all the stuff came out with promos of Blade, Electra, Spider-Man etc. So to me I figured that this group of X-Men would also be dealing with the rest of the Marvel U to a degree and basically have guest appearences in each arc. For me I still believe thats going to be the mold of this arc but with the first story arc with The Curse of the Mutants, its exactly not like that. Its another major crisis with all hands on board and Scott as the general again. The vampire thing doesn't bother me so much. I know the vampire thing is popular right now but this isn't like a tween Twilight movie. I'm just a bit disappointed because of how the title was explain isn't how its starting. So I'm hpoing it gets to the point were its a core team book hopefully without Cyclops as well.
  • Aug 16, '10 by jimfred82's avatar jimfred82
  • All a lot of valid points, and a really good entry to read!

    I've been an X-men fan all of my comic book life (20 years now), and Gambit has always been my favorite as well. Unfortunately, he is NOT the favorite of writers. Want proof? Go back all the way to X-treme X-Men. In that, he's depowered. Then he's the traitor. Then he's blinded. Then he joins Apocalypse for what was supposedly a heroic deed but didn't really make sense as one, and becomes Death. Then he joins the Marauders again. Now he's back but still Death. Basically, he's one of those characters who authors obviously dislike, and they try to keep getting rid of him but he keeps coming back, more convoluted than ever. He was truly at his best back in the early/mid 90's, when he was cool. Heck, Claremont had him pegged as the third Summers brother all along, way before Vulcan was even an idea! But, now he's just so messed up that it will be very difficult for him even to be a real character anymore. I'd be shocked if this Death stuff is ever dealt with in anything but a side story, even though there are almost as many Gambit fans as Wolverine ones. Oh well.
  • Aug 16, '10 by Web-Head83's avatar Web-Head83
  • Thanks for reading and liking the entry.

    I don't know if the writers hate Gambit though. I'm sure each writer has their favorite X-men and some that they don't like and might cast off a bit. Maybe that has been the case for Gambit in some regards at times.

    When Gambit went off with Apocalypse and eventually became Death i had just gotten into comics again and I wasn't totally clear on what his motives were. I thought it was due to me not knowing some of the recent events going on but maybe it was just poor storytelling. I think it made more sense with him being with the Marauders again in Messiah Complex. Clearly Sinister helped him become normal again so thats one reason to find him out. Also during that time I felt he was holding the Marauders back some and looking out for Rogue ultimately.

    I think that Gambit is always feeling that he is atoning for his past and that he doesn't fully believe himself to be a good person like others do and that makes it hard for him to feel like a hero. I think Gambit is a good person at heart but all of what I said is part of his psyche and for me I can understand why he might join Sinister or do other things that aren't that noble.

    It seems like they are keeping his Death persona in play so I imagine that it will build to a story arc in which more would be revealed and resolved with that. I mean they could have let it drop and just have had it explained in the Messiah Complex and let everyone assume Sinister fixed him. The current writer of the New X-Men title said he likes Gambit allot and was pretty confident that he would be one of the major players in that title. I'm still hoping that is the case after this vampire arc ends.
  • Aug 17, '10 by Iceman69's avatar Iceman69
  • Gambit is one of my faves as well but writers always seem to screw with him, I think he should have been the 3rd Summers brother and I think Vulcan is lame, it's kind of cool that Vulcan was forgoten, but did Prof. X mind whipe everyone. He mind whiped Wolverine, Rogue the list goes on and on. And ever cool character has been Death, in a few years Captain America will be Death, just like Jean never stays dead for long it's only a matter of time. Gambit is like Sawyer on Lost, you love him, you hate him, he wants to do whats good for the whole, but in the end he's a survivor and he does what it takes. I did like him as a Marauder and I hate the clone thing, every one has a clone as well, it would have been way cooler if Gambit was the 3rd Summers brother and Sinister's son, see that would have been a good story. The Summer's mother could have had an issue with the fact that Corsar has a thing for cats, come on out of all the space chicks he could have shacked up with he hooks up with the cat, WTF! This sickness drove the The Summer's Mother(sorry I don't know her name) into the arms of Dr. Essex, aka Sinister! She runs away for a year and give birth, gives the baby to Essex who gives him to the Leubues(I know I spelled that wrong) to raise and you know the rest from ther, plane crash, Scotts powers out of control, Corsar kidnapped by Sha'ar, Sinister back into the Summers boys life, Phonex Saga, you understand. Sorry got a little out of control there. On a side note I'm not knocking Cosar, I'd be all over that cat don't act like you wouldn't, I got to go my wifes late getting home from work got to make sure she hasn't been driven to the arms of another!
  • Oct 12, '10 by tm0ney's avatar tm0ney
  • don't knoew
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