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February 2017

I'm new to comics, Buffy got me hooked.  Then Angel.   From there,  I read Runaways because of Joss Whedon, then on to Serenity.   It took a while, but I was able to get all 9 of the 2005 covers.   

I like Superman/Batman/Spider-man, especially the cartoons and movies, but superhero comics never appealed that much to me.  I didn't (still don't) like the artwork from the golden and silver ages.   However, it was Y: The Last Man that showed how far comics had come.   It's adult, not campy, and a great story.    Now I'm hooked.

I'm already planning to read Fables next, followed by DMZ and 100 Bullets.  Also thinking about reading Ex Machina, it looks interesting.   

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