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Retired soldier, having the time of his life ressurrecting a childhood hobby.

November 2022




Wearing the postman's feet out!!!!

881 views • Sep 20, '10 • (1) Comment

 Hello all!!! Finally got a couple of days off of work.  And then it's back to the trenches for another long spell.  I took a few minutes to finally catalogue the comics I hadn't had time to do.  For those on my friends list...you can see I have put quite a few into my long boxes.  For those who aren't on my friends list...just hit the button...the more the merrier.

 Allright, onto the little corner of the comic book world that I am in.  I have been expanding my venues to get more silver, bronze and even golden age books.  I have utilized Metropolis comics, comic link, and even comic connect to get those back issues in my chase of back issue titles.  And of course Ebay is in the mix.  I think I have been doing ok in my pursuit of filling holes in my back issues. I have enclose pictures finally of Green Lantern #14 and of my Hero for Hire #1.  But also in the pic, is a gem I found online, and I couldn't believe my luck.  It's The Brave and the Bold #54.  It's Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash together for the first time. Yes, it's the first appearance of the Teen Titans. When I got it...I couldn't believe how vibrant the cover was.  I donned my gloves, took it out of the plastic...and was still very pleased.  The back is totally white...the only knock that I noticed was some blunting in the bottom corner...and the inside pages are ow/cream.  Very excited to send this in and get it graded.

 Speaking of grades, I have the results from sending in my first CgC submissions. I sent in 2 raw copies. They were X-men 108, and X-men 103.  When I graded the X-men 108 I thought I had a for sure 9.6, maybe a 9.8 because I tend to be a little hard when grading.  My official grade for 108 was a 9.2....not bad I thought.  My x-men 103 I had graded as a 9.0, but really expected an 8.5......to my surprise it graded a 9.6!!!! I think I took too much off for the cover...It didnt seem all that vibrant to me...but that issue is a funny colored cover anyway.

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Let the games begin

854 views • Sep 9, '10 • (1) Comment

 Hello all, it's been a few again.  I miss looking through this site daily, but as I stated in my earlier blog.  I'm working daily, and will be until mid-late November.  Anyway, the things happening in my comic world are:Chipping away at my want list, getting my 2 CGC runs filled and also getting more books in my collection. I've been doing that, but also have made a couple of first that I thought I would never really do.

 I have did my first CGC submissions.  Cost me more than I thought it would. After the Submission fee, plus the speedy return fee, insurance, sending it priority, and getting the bubble wrap for the books.  Hopefully I'll get a decent grade...If I don't than I really need to refine my new grading skills.

 I also have discovered the joy of CGC's comic registry competitive sets. I have a few submissions, and am expecting quite of few books in one of my sets.  And believe it or not...I'm about to crack the top 10 in one of the sets.

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 Hello there my fellow collectors.  It's been awhile since I blogged.  My job has me working everyday at the moment.....and I'm lovin' it.  How else am I going to acquire that 3 million dollar collection I'm working on.  Seriously, I am working daily, which is a good thing. It does allow me to throw more on the massive pile of pennies at my home, so I can buy those beautiful comic books. This pace will continue until November. But I will stick my head in here to say Hello, and update those who are interested in how my meager collection is doing.  Also to say "In your face", to those whom I beat in fantasy football.

 I have been busy in the comic world though.  I won auctions for a VF+ Green Lantern #14, Uncanny x-men #126 CGC 9.4, and the one that I'm most happy about. I finally got my Hero for Hire #1 CGC 8.5 For those who have been reading notes from this madman. Getting all Luke Cage's books for Hero for Hire/Powerman & Ironfist in 9.0 CgC or better was a goal of mine. Even though this one was an 8.5, the price was right.  I also got my first ebay rippoff.  Items bought and paid for in first week in August still havent arrived. I have written the seller, twice, and about to take the next step to paypal.

 Looking forward to stepping up and getting something semi-big for me in the next couple of weeks. A few hints. It's a D.C. book, and the first time someone with the initials H.J. assumed the role of this superhero.  Negotiations are going pretty good for it. At work now, gotta run will add pics of Hero for Hire #1, and Green Lantern #14. Take care all until next time.

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This week has been pretty good for me, as far as my establishing a collection I can be proud of.  But first things first. I entered  a couple of "chases" on Ebay.  For those who are not in the know, I just found out also recently.  A chase is where a seller will pick a certain amount of "lots", and sell only up to those amounts.  Contained in the lots, which are supposed to be blind draws, are gifts from the Gods. Avengers #1, Giant size X-men #1, Journey into Mystery #83...and so on and so on.  I knew the chances were slim for me to actually get anything from the big boys toys...but I entered anyway. I did a total of 4, from 2 different merchants, with different prices. The higher price chase...nothing but .  The lower chase, I actually got a Thor #127. Which is his second appearance in his now self titled series. And it actually is a pretty good book. I have included a picture of it below sans mylar. As I told my brethren in the forums about my entering.  I can only concur.....let the buyer beware.  But I play poker in the casino, so everynow and then I'll probably "feel" lucky and enter one.

 It's getting more and more fun, getting more comics for my miniscule colllection. I have been knee deep in SA's (especially Avengers), and I can see that I'm almost ready to link some together. I know it's a lofty goal, but I think It can be  done. I also am getting a kick out the ads. The "kick sand in my face bully" one, the seamonkey ads, and the 10,000 plastic soldiers for $1.99. I also have read my off, and I really enjoy the older books tremendously. That doesnt mean I won't read the modern era ones. I just have only one set of eyes.

 This week has been a real good one for me comics wise. I'm satisfied with my SA's and have even dipped my toe into the Golden Age and bought a book I had been watching for awhile.  I also added to my x-men CgC search.  I dont believe in indexing anything, until I have them in hand. So you will have to wait to next week to see what Golden Age goodie I was able to snag.

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....And the beat goes on!!!

743 views • Jul 31, '10 • (2) Comments

 Most of the people I have talked to since stepping back in this hobby. Have often commented that 20 years was along time to be away.  And the more I look at my meager beginnnings of a collection, and the more I look at the seemingly far away issue numbers I have to go. Do seem to echo that and more.  Believe me, it's daunting, but I'm having a good time in attempting to acquire everything. A bonus is that I didn't expect to meet so many cool people.  At this site and others, people are very helpful and friendly.

 Well this weeks catches were pretty good. I told you all, a couple of goals I have in what I want in my collection. Oh, I have many, but those were pretty much my first 2 or 3 things that I wish to accomplish. I have been delving deep into Silver age Avengers.  They were pretty much one of my favorite all-time groups.  I'm finding that the it is fun  trying to link what I have and what I need. I'm trying , at the moment, to get from Avengers 40- Avengers 100. Using Spa-fon's "guide", it's not that bad finding them in VG/Fine. From there I hope to go from Avenger 101-150. but also buying an occasionally book From Avenger 1-Avengers 39. Yes, that is a goal of mine Avengers #1. My ultimate goal of course is every Avengers book. Not worried about the modern ones...too easy to get.

 I have nabbed a Power man/Iron fist cgc 9.8 (issue 153), and another Byrne x-men Cgc 9.6( issue #116). My Marvel collection is coming along ok. So many paths to choose, and I'm woefully neglecting some books (Amazing Spiderman), but can't do everything at once.  My main problem is DC's, I believe im going to have to keep buying lots of them, until I can concentrate on some of the major titles.

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  I am finally beginning to assemble the start of a comic book collection.  The first thing I wanted to share with you all is my dabbling in the "lot", or "bulk" comic market.  I started to dabble in it to add volume to my growing collection. I thought I would get some good starting points from alot of titles to begin making consecutive issue runs with.  My entry into this market, basically was what I thought with a few surprises. Some of the bulk shipments were pure junk. Comics that were the dregs of someones collection, or what they had let get water damaged or stepped on, or whatever.  This I expected.  But I had a couple to where, the books were in great condition, and the promise of bronze/modern book #1's were very well kept.  Not saying they were jaw dropping #1's but were in great shape. So my experience in the bulk market so far is going by the old adage "Let the buyer beware".

I've been shopping online, and bidding on ebay, and to top that off working alot. I have a vacation coming up, and I plan on kicking back and just reading parts of my new collection.  My earlier vacation, my Gf and I went on a Caribbean cruise. So this one is the kickback and do nothing vacation.  I have alot of catching up to do. I had my feelings hurt earlier in the week when I heard Hawkeye was dead, so I definitely have to catch up whats happening in the Marvel world, and learn whats going on in DC's.

 I told you all earlier, that I wasn't a big DC guy growing up.  And I plan on really collecting them this time also. I also stated that I was going after a "big fish". Well that big fish was Green Lantern #76. It was an 8.0 cgc signed by Neal Adams.  So I put in my bid and made a max bid after that.  I saw the time tick down a few days later, as the auction was closing.  And sure enough the sniper was out and clipped me at the end.  But its all good I set a max and that's what I am sticking with.

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Just how old is that toaster!!!

705 views • Jul 18, '10 • (3) Comments

 I am a retired Army Sergeant. I spent 20 years, 29 days, 21 hours and 15 minutes consecutively in the service of Uncle Sam. My recruiter picked me up at 0345 on a september morning awhile ago. Upon retiring I had to pursue another career, and about after 1 year of retirement I found a pretty good job.  I do work a swing shift though. And to those who do it or have heard of it. It makes your off time pretty hard to manage at times. I work a 4 on 12 hour shift, with 4 days off, and then I swing to nights for 4 days for 12 hours. In between you can work alot of overtime on your off days.  As much as I love the Army the pay ain't great. So I work quite a bit of overtime.

 Which brings me to what I was trying to say. I had 3 days off consecutively, for the first time in a while. And they fell on the weekend! So being still highly energized, I set off to find those secret spots where comics are their in abudance, and I would find that showcase #22, or Avengers #4.  Being that I didn't want to waste time or gas, I called both the Salvation Army Stores, or Goodwill to see if any comics were there to be had. I founc out that the Salvation Army Store I called doesn't accept comic book donations, and the Goodwills I called had none. That didn't deter me though.

I got in the car, and travelled to an old flea market, that I hadn't been to for years. I believe the last time I went there was like 1989. I was home on leave, and wanted to get my ear pierced. On the way to that flea market, where my Amazing Fantasy #15, was soon to be mine. I hit a resale shop on the way to the flea market. Upon looking at it, I was amazed at all the things I saw for sale. I was more amazed that the people who owned the store thought anybody wanted that stuff. I saw a smoker, that had most certainly seen its best days. Bikes that Dennis the Menace used to ride. Clothes that Richie Cunningham would tell his Dad that they were too out of date to wear.  And I swear I saw the oldest toaster , that I have ever seen. It must have been the first electric one ever. And just how big were bread slices back then?  Did they have slicers to cut? Or did people just tear hunks out of loaves and slop them in that machine?

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 Sitting down and staring at my long box with 25 books in it. Realizing that I have such a long way to go to be anywhere I want to be in this hobby. I went out yesterday, and bought 2 long boxes, and some boards and bags for the bounty awaiting me. I started receiving first shipments of books.  Nothing at all very special. I did nab an Iron Man #3, which I thought was better than what the seller graded it for. Happy just staring at the near empty Long box though.  I do love to read them, but hunting them down is good fun also.

 1st lesson learned: Put the board in the bag first, moron, as not to possibly damage the book.

2nd lesson learned: Online bidding is not a competitive sport. You can't yell "In your face", to the bidder you just snipped on Ebay, for a book that you know you dont really want. Bid a price, put a max on it, and let the chips fall where they may.

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The Journey Begins

826 views • Jul 13, '10 • (2) Comments

 Organization. I've lived with it for 20 years on a daily basis, and right now I'm acting as if I never heard the word before.  I'm in day 4 of resurrecting my old hobby of comic book collecting.  I started at age 14 and stopped at 18. I went to work for Uncle Sam in his Army at 18 and retired 20 years later.  No complaints, I loved each and every minute of it.  But as I have transitioned to being a civilian, and rejoined the work force. I need something to occupy my time. Well, the time my girlfriend allows me to have.

 So still having a love of comic books, I decided to jump back in.  When I was 14-18 I had the time of my life hunting down bargains and going to conventions.  The thrill of building my xmen collection was my obsession at the time. For you youngsters out there, I bought uncanny xmen 115- 148 for cover price. So the back issues were easy to get. My daughter has my books now , and has for awhile.  I got tired of lugging them around the world when i moved.  And sweated waiting on my personal effects to arrive to me. No regrets though here kids will enjoy Grandpa's old obbsession.  Well, that Obssesion is rekindled which brings me back to my first word. Organization.

 I need to buckle down and get a strategy of which direction I'm going to go. I know this time I'm going to pursue quite a bit more Golden Age books, along with my favorite Silver's. I've always been a Marvel fan, but need to open up and get some of those D.C's out there.  But I need to sit down and see which way I really want to go first. Now that I am financially better off than that 14 year old scrapper, I can pursue alot more than that young man thought was possible.

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