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February 2017

I started this account with the hopes of indexing my entire collection. So its rather silly that its been almost two years and I havent even gotten halfway through my stuff. Although, truth be told I don't think I m the only one. 

It just takes time and I am glad I have the option of this site, so I thank you all. 

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My first attempt at trying to make a website worked out okay, not the best work but its live. 



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So as a school prodject I can redesign a website, and I have chosen Geppi's entertainment museum. I guess I am posting here because I dont have another place to post about it. :p 


Update: So its live buy imges are giving me troule sooo ill have to fix that first. 

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So I visited Vermont Comic Con, got some good deals and met some Cool People. :P just wanted to say that.

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