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Longbox Junk The Lone Ranger (Vol 3) Part 2: Issues 13 25

February 2017
Grant Morrison is insane (4)
batman (3)
batman and robin (3)
Damian Wayne (3)
deathblow (3)
dick grayson (3)
captain america (2)
gen 13 (2)
Ghost Rider 2099 (2)
Lone Ranger (2)
planet of the apes (2)
punisher (2)
Someone Punch That Giant Robot!! (2)
star wars (2)
Tonto (2)
winter soldier (2)
wolverine (2)
30 days of night (1)
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade (1)
alex ross (1)
aliens (1)
An android saves the day AGAIN (1)
Are nuns supposed to show that much cleavage? (1)
Astonishing Tales (1)
Battle for the cowl (1)
Bionic Man (1)
black widow (1)
blackhawks (1)
Bruce Wayne Returns (1)
Bucky Barnes saves the universe (1)
Calculator (1)
Doc Savage (1)
final crisis (1)
First Wave (1)
g.i. joe (1)
grimm fairy tales (1)
hellboy (1)
Hitler's missing testicle (1)
iron man (1)
Iron Man 2020 (1)
lobo (1)
Marvel Noir (1)
mass effect (1)
Mojoworld (1)
Nazi flying saucers (1)
Nuns With Guns (1)
One shots (1)
Operation Bollock (1)
oracle (1)
oriental shaved gorilla pirates (1)
Our Army at War (1)
predator (1)
Princess Leia (1)
red hood (1)
red sonja (1)
Russian Speaking Gorillas with machine guns (1)
Silver (1)
spirit (1)
superman (1)
Team 7 (1)
terminator (1)
The Avenger (1)
The Burning Earth (1)
The Huntress (1)
The Rocketeer (1)
transformers (1)
Unplugging computers destroys them right? (1)
vertigo (1)
Wait! Why is there a TANK in this western? (1)
Warrior Nun Areala (1)
Weird War Tales (1)
Where did all these robots come from? (1)
Where did these ninjas come from? (1)
Wild West Batman (1)
Winter World (1)
wonder woman (1)
X (1)
x-files (1)
x-men (1)

I'm a big fan of older, pulp-style characters. . .Green Hornet, The Shadow, Zorro, The Spirit, The Lone Ranger. . .so on and so forth.  I discovered The Rocketeer through the Disney movie and assumed he was a character from that same era of heroes.  After I hunted down some comics and information, I was surprised to learn that the Rocketeer was a product of the 80's!  Despite that, I consider him one of the greatest pulp heroes ever created, and that he stands perfectly alongside his fellow heroes of a bygone age.  Let's take a look at some of his more recently-written adventures. . .



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I originally thought that Theater of War was a mini-series until I took a closer look at them and realized that they are actually a collection of one-shots under a single title, with the only things tying them together being Captain America and a similar cover frame.  They cover a variety of times and concepts. . .everything from straight up WWII action to Captain America as the embodiement of the American Spirit.  Let's get into it!



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Welcome to a world where ass-kicking nuns show more cleavage than Dolly Parton, the Vatican has a high tech military branch, and Satan communicates with earth via human sacrifice-powered computer.  Welcome to the world of Warrior Nun Areala!

I really have no idea where or when I picked these up, but on investigating them a bit, I was very surpised to learn that they are NOT English reprints of Japanese comics, as the manga-style art would suggest.  Instead, they are from a company based in Texas.  Go figure.  


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Let's finish this.  Hi-Yo Silver! Away!  

THE LONE RANGER (vol. 3 Dynamite)


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The Lone Ranger.  A great American hero and one of my all-time favorite characters. I love ALL things Lone Ranger. So let's get this out in the open right here.  I was one of the few who really liked the Disney reboot that came out a few years ago that seems to be hated by one and all.  Yeah, there was no reason to have Captain Jack Tonto in it, but other than that, I'm a fan.  

So. . .now that everyone knows my opinion can't be trusted, let's review some comics!

THE LONE RANGER (Vol. 3 Dynamite)

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I DO love me some Mass Effect!  With the new game coming out soon, why not revisit some of the characters from the first trilogy?  This "mini-series" came out right before Mass Effect 3 as part of the massive hype behind the game.  It's actually not so much a mini as it is 4 separate one shots. . .



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It's not often I find something truly unique in comics.  Don't let your preconceptions of these two properties or memories of the cartoons they are based on fool you.  Dreamwave did something truly out of the box with this series by placing these well-known (and frankly overused) characters in an "Elseworlds" alternate history World War II, and painting the usually bright characters in grim and dark hues for a gritty, violent tale that is like nothing else from these properties that I know of. . .



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More one shots. . .YAY!  I love 'em.


OUR ARMY AT WAR Featuring Sergeant Rock (DC 2010)

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I have a lot of one-shots in my collection.  They're probably my favorite kind of comic book.  Not that I don't like following a character month to month, but there's definitely something to be said for having a complete story in one issue.  No cliffhangers.  No waiting.  Just a single compact piece of comic book goodness.  I decided to throw some one shots into the Longbox Junk mix for the next few entries before I go back to complete runs and mini-series. . .



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And now the big finish!

Okay. . .not really big. And not really a finish. . .


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