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May 2017

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I've not used this blog function before so this is a test.  I do have my own blog (version 3 or 4, I forget) at my own site that is for my own pleasure.  I don't talk comic books there but I just may start.  

I've been a member of Comic BookRealm for 2 1/2 years now, a lifetime member.  This site was just what I needed when I decided to start cataloging and selling my comics.  Except I haven't sold any.  I dug out 40 or so long boxes from storage.  I bought shelves.  I bought bags and boards to replace old bags that were yellowing.  I bought more boxes.  I now have 50 boxes all cataloged in ComicBookRealm and I'm trying to put a cap on the buying.  No more $150+ online orders, no more 10+ pull list at the local comic store.

I've been collecting regularly since 1982 with many muitl-year breaks in between.  Lately the stories just aren't grabbing me.  Oh there are a few here and there but I find myself skim reading more and more comics.  And the art has gotten really bad on a number of books.  I don't care if my favorite writer is on the book, if the art is shit I won't buy it.

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