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  • Posted: November 1, 2019 8:20:20 am
  • Hey guys another month, another challenge. Maybe this month I will finally bust through the 100 issue challenge.

    So same deal..100 issues to be read during the month, throw down your comments tallies in the forum.

    The extra challenge this month is trying to get a couple of more people to join us and then I will have some comic karma for the participants at the end of the month.
  • Posted: November 4, 2019 12:45:18 am
  • Okay, so slow start to the month but I've started off with;

    1. Flash Vol.2 #219 - Cheetah / Reverse Flash vs Wonder Woman / Flash team-up. Nuff said.

    This month I'm making that target!!

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  • Posted: November 4, 2019 1:10:15 am
  • I'm going to try and keep up a little better this month than I did in October. . .

    I liked this issue a lot, even though it's not really the Azrael I wanted. Too bad we can't get a good Azrael story outside of an Elseworlds thing. . .

    I was going to drop this one until I saw that John Constantine is coming on board. Will the Hellblazer save this series? I guess I'll keep going on it and find out.

    CONAN THE BARBARIAN #10 ( Marvel 2019)
    It's a rare series that can run 10 issues without hitting a rough patch. This is one I look forward to every month. Another great issue with a hell of a cliffhanger!

    DETECTIVE COMICS #1014 (DC 2019)
    This series has been on a serious slide downhill. This story arc completely destroys Mister Freeze by turning (NO SPOILERS) into a goddamn supervillain.

    STAR WARS - DOCTOR APHRA Annual #3 (Marvel 2019)
    Probably my favorite Star Wars comic right now. This annual is one of the best stories yet! Full of sketchy characters and twists with an unusual art style they need to keep on the main series.

    HIT-GIRL #9 (Image 2019)
    I've been liking the short arcs using different teams to tell a complete story this series has been doing. This issue is the first of a new story set in India and I hate to say it, but it's not grabbing me.

    I bought these for the awesome Marco Checcetto connecting covers. The story is. . .okay. It focuses on General Organa reaching out to her old Mon Calamari allies to get their ships to join the Resistance. I was hoping for more. But those covers, though!

    STAR WARS #73 (Marvel 2019)
    For a series winding down to a #75 conclusion (and hopefully re-start in the Empire Strikes Back era soon), Star Wars has been pretty underwhelming. You'd think they would swing for the fences coming into the last 2 issues. . .

    GHOST RIDER #1 (Marvel 2019)
    I heard this one starred my favorite GR (the 90's-tastic Danny Ketch version), so I picked up the first issue. It's. . .okay. I won't be getting #2. The story leans HEAVILY on storylines I'm not familiar with or care to become familiar with. The art is awesome, and so is the cover, but I don't want to have to do research to read a friggin' Ghost Rider story.

    BATMAN Annual #4 (DC 2019)
    Tom King just doesn't know when to stop. This starts off really good and quickly gets ridiculous as King tries to show us just HOW busy Batman is. The art is outstanding, though!

    IMMORTAL HULK #25 (Marvel 2019)
    What the &%$# was THAT? This series steps outside of Science Fiction horror and is heading deep into some Lovecraftian territory. . .not that it's bad, it's just an unexpected swerve.

    5 issues worth 90's-Tastic "Bad Girl" comics at their best/worst. . .featuring sexy pirate women, sexy vampire women, and Lady Rawhide herself. I was ready to drop out after Issue #2 due to Extreme Boob Overload, but I ain't a quitter, son!

    So that's 19 issues to start off November with. Very Happy

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  • Posted: November 4, 2019 8:20:44 pm
  • Justice League of America #100-#109

    Len Wein takes over as the writer and the stories improve drastically. He has two crossovers with the JSA and each tosses in another Golden Age team, The Seven Soldiers and The Freedom Fighters.

    The artwork also gets better as Dick Giordano comes in as inker and does the covers as well.

    This is also an era of expansion for the team as it welcomes new members in Phantom Stranger, Elongated Man and Red Tornado.

    One new letter writer of note appears, Mike W Barr. He would debut at DC in a year writing the Elongated Man feature in Detective Comics.

    10 so far
  • Posted: November 5, 2019 12:45:09 am
    Took a look when I saw this in my daughter's pile.
    #1: Does the world REALLY need another Harley Quinn story?
    #2: It's bad. Real bad. I mean. . .SO bad.
    #3: Nice cover, though (she has the Artgerm Harley cover)

    One of my favorites from the days of the Giant-Sized comics. Great Ernie Colon art.

    EVE: VALKYRIE #1 - #4 (Dark Horse 2015)
    A tie in to a video game I've never played, but this is some GREAT hard sci-fi!
    Pick this one up if you spot it in the bargain bin. A very nice piece of Longbox Junk. Some great painted covers too.

    So 6 more for a November total so far of 25. Very Happy

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  • Posted: November 5, 2019 1:52:50 pm
  • What a start to the month! Great job everyone...

    @atom - i completely agree with your poison ivy comment as the covers are just amazing and the story is ehhhh. Also the new Ghost rider #1 i did not like very much at all.

    Here is my current count, i really want to finally reach the challenge this month.

    1-12 Sword 6-17 From the Luna brothers a lady has a mystical sword and goes to battle against god like beings that killed her family, fast read and pretty decent

    13. Vampire State building # 1 - i liked the story and the art is great from the guy that did the walking dead. What is weird is that i am so used to the walking dead that i kept looking at some of the characters and trying to match them to that other comic.

    14. Safe Sex #1 - decent image title, certainly not for kids

    15. Planet Hulk #1 - i love these kinds of stories and have no knowledge of the battleworld, i was not collecting at the time but really like the mad max vibe from this book
  • Posted: November 5, 2019 4:58:21 pm
  • oops, it cut off before I finished the list here...

    45. Dark Wolverine #76 Elvis-esque 1950's variant

    46. Brave and the Bold #111 Batman and the joker

    47. Rawhide Kid #69 Love this Lieber cover and been wanting it for awhile, finally an upper grade copy came along for a low price.

    48. Conan the Barbarian #25 first Buscema on conan title

    49. Iron Man #29 Nice Marie Severenson cover.
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  • Posted: November 5, 2019 5:00:14 pm
  • Ack....computer malfunction (or user lol)
    I will try and get #1-44 down AGAIN...but will have to nix the commentary after the time put in
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  • Posted: November 5, 2019 5:12:59 pm
  • sigh...attempting to jot down #1-44 again here:
    1-2. Hulk (2015) # 4 and 14 (red hulk)

    3. Marvel Zombies Vol.6 #1

    4. TMNT #99

    5. The last god book 1

    6. Red goblin red death 1

    7. Silver Surfer black #5

    8. Roku #1

    9-10. Marvel Spotlight #3-4 (werewolf by night)

    11. DC comics Presents #52 Supes and Doom patrol and 1st ambush bug

    12. What if? Vol.2 #88 Ben Parker (son of Peter) story

    13. Tales of suspense #64 thanks Brucifer!

    14-20. Daredevil 197-200, 234-236 back in my pc again thanks to brucifer!

    21. Jughead the hunger #1 cool werewolf by night #32 homage (limited to 500 copies)

    22. Incredible hulk #1 facsimile edition

    23. amazing mary jane 1

    24. contagion #4

    25. count crowley reluctant midnight monster hunter 1

    26. immortal hulk #25 meta stuff here!

    27. Marauders 1

    28. amazing spider-man #103

    29. Daredevil #91

    30-32. red sonja and vampirella meet betty and veronica #2, 4 and 5 (hack variants) still need #6 hack to complete the series.

    33. Alien Bounty hunter 1

    34. Batman #271

    35. Mech cadet Yu #1

    36. Wolverine #54

    37. strange tales #181

    38. house of secrets #112

    39. Marvel Premiere #17

    40. Joker Killer Smile 1

    41. Hulk magazine #14

    42-43. Hulk comic UK newsprint comic

    44. Marvel Comic #330 UK newsprint comic (first in this series after a title change)
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  • Posted: November 5, 2019 5:15:48 pm
  • (42-43. the issues are #9 and 10 that were omitted)
    People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?
  • Posted: November 6, 2019 12:55:00 am
  • Spector. . .you may be having bad luck with the computers, but you're having good luck in the latest Longbox Junk Reader Request hat draw! Your Man-Bat request is up next! Applause

    AND SO. . .

    I've been reading some Man-Bat today trying to pick which one to do.

    MAN-BAT #1 (DC 1975)
    My daughter had this one in her collection, but neither of us have the second issue. Great cover, so-so story, very nice Ditko art.

    MAN-BAT #1 - #3 (DC 1996)
    I'm leaning toward this 3 issue mini for the request. It reads like an early Vertigo book and has some really detailed (sometimes TOO detailed) art. That and 2 out of 3 great covers!

    MAN-BAT #1- #5 (DC 2006)
    A REALLY dark take on Man-Bat backed up with an unusual art style. This one is just as much a Batman story, though. A couple issues barely feature Man-Bat at all.

    BATMAN: MANBAT #1 - #3 (DC 1995)
    One of my favorite Elseworlds stories. A nightmarish tale of Man-Bat's plan to destroy all humanity backed up by some awesome painted art by John Bolton. The characterization of Batman is a little strange and the dialogue isn't always great, but this one is definitely worth a read.

    So 12 more issues for November, bringing the total so far to 37. Very Happy
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  • Posted: November 6, 2019 10:03:45 am
  • 2. (DC) Action Comics #321 - Superman is trapped on an alien world circling a red sun. When the super-powered inhabitants learn of Earth, Superman has to figure out a way to regain his strength and avert an imminent invasion.

    3. (DC) Flash Vol.2 #210 - Wally West and Dick Grayson reminisce about when they were younger as Wally remembers his first meeting with Batman. Their reverie is cut short when Grodd surprises them.

    4. (DC) Jonah Hex Vol.1 #15 - Jonah is invited by a young lady, Sally to join her travelling circus group and bunch of outcasts. The shrewd ringmaster convinces some in the group that to keep the circus going they need to rob people while the show is on. When Sally finds out, he murders her and frames Jonah. The truth is soon revealed and the ringmaster meets an untimely end.

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  • Posted: November 6, 2019 10:12:31 am
  • I just had a thought, since everyone's comments are based on what they've actually read that these comments can be pasted to the relevant comics' listings that maybe don't have them? I've noticed a lot of listed comics that have little to no info on what they're about.
  • Posted: November 6, 2019 4:02:42 pm
  • Today's stack o' goodies

    11. Wonder Twins #9
    12. Young Justice #10
    13. Lois Lane #5
    14. Superman Up in the Sky #5
    15. Batman Universe #5
    16, Batman #82
    17. Green Lantern: Blackstars #1
    18. Justice League #35
    19. Legion of Super Heroes #1
  • Posted: November 7, 2019 12:48:53 am
  • Not much time for reading comics today. . .

    LADY ZORRO #1 - #4 (Dynamite, 2014)
    Picked these up yesterday for 5 bucks for 4 comics. The kind of Longbox Junk deal I LOVE!
    I absolutely hated Lady Zorro taking over the end of Matt Wagner's Zorro Rides Again series, but this mini is actually pretty good. Has some VERY nice Linsner covers in his signature Boob-Tastic style! If you're a Joseph Michael Linsner fan then these are worth picking up for the covers alone.

    That's 4 more for a November total (so far) of 41. Very Happy

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  • Posted: November 8, 2019 8:54:18 am
  • I don't want to jinx myself..but i am track currently to finally meet the 100 books!

    16. Jimmy Olsen #1 - Small connected stories about Jimmy, was okay but not sticking with it as not very interested in the character

    17-20. Scion #8-11 - still loving this old Crossgen fantasy book

    21-22. Dynamo 5 #9-10 - not bad superhero team group of brothers and sisters

    23. Vampirella #4 - really have no idea what is going on, i love the Artgerm cover, the story is not good and giving up on the title

    24. Venom Annual #1 - i liked the story and origin of the lady hellbender

    25. Convergence Action Comics #1 - have no knowledge of this larger story but it was okay, cities are trapped in globes and heroes have no powers

    26. Creature Feature - more vault titles, this one has a kind of goonies approach to it

    27. Spider-man #1 - the new JJ abrams book and i really liked it, i thought the story and villain were awesome

    28. Money Shot #1 - very cool vault title about scientists having to film adult movies to fund their research

    29. Spider-man & Venom Double Trouble #1 - super cute story about venom and spider-man being roomies

    30 Heist #1 - stealing a planet and more goodness from vault..really liking this publisher

    31. Marauders #1 - i heard about the hype of this book and it was awesome, Kitty was fantastic watching her fight and using her powers to maximum

    32. Powers of X #6 - great finale to this epic story
  • Posted: November 8, 2019 2:01:31 pm
  • #1- The Elektra Saga book 1 of 4
    #2 - The Elektra Saga book 2 of 4
    #3 - The Elektra Saga book 3 of 4
    #4 - The Elektra Saga book 4 of 4 : this series was well written by Frank Miller and good art work by Klaus Janson. THe story was good, telling how Elektra made her decisions down her life's path. There are a few different Marvel Characters that make appearances; Punisher, Mr. Jameson .... I found it an easy read, but thought that it was going to end a different way.
    #5- X-MEN UNLIMITED #1

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  • Posted: November 8, 2019 4:04:45 pm
  • Made the trek out to the LCS to pick out this week's stash and got them read:

    50. Miles Morales: Spider-man #12. This is the first of this title for me, but really loved the 2099 variant, not to pass it up. Story was alright, and a hit has been placed on his uncle the Prowler, so the next issues ought to be action packed.

    51. Green Lantern Blackstars #1. Not bad at all, and a lot darker than I would have imagined for a DC/Lantern title.

    52. Spawn #302. Walked out with both virgin variants and the B&W one. The only thing that could have been better with this issue, is that the story could have been longer lol. Build up and tease here...and She-spawn to boot.

    53. Undiscovered Country #1. I was on the fence about picking this one up, but read a couple of great reviews and thought I would give it a chance. LOVE IT! Post apocalyptic Image comics heaven here.

    54. Immortal Hulk #26. Still hasn't lost it's edge yet, Amadeus Cho and Namor included in this issue.

    55. Absolute Carnage Weapon Plus #1. Fantastic story, and was happy that they had one of the elusive Codex variants left at the counter.

    56. X-Force #1 Picking up the new titles, at least the first issues for now. So many new books, and not a bad one in the bunch.

    57. New Mutants #1 another of the new x books. I went in for the Artgerm cover, but there's were backordered, and was told they probably would not get it in. I did however go with the Young Guns variant covers for the 3 new X books picked up.

    58. Excalibur #1. First off, the cover is really cool. It looks so much better up close in your hands, than on the computer screen. Secondly, I really had not planned on getting this book, out of all the new X books. And with that being said, this was my favorite read of them all. I may be going back for subsequent issues from here.

    @CarlIM LOVE the Elektra Saga books. I need to repurchase them again. Elektra Assassin is another great series.
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  • Posted: November 8, 2019 4:08:42 pm
  • @imcubillo
    I went looking for money shot, and they did not have it. Awesome you got that one.
    I did preorder the Heist, the retro variant, and hope to have it in the mail soon.
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  • Posted: November 8, 2019 10:32:30 pm
  • Justice League of America #110-116

    All are 100 Page Giants with the tagline of "Here comes TV's Super Friends!"

    These came out in 1974 and while I was watching the cartoon I hadn't made my way over to the comic aisle yet. I wish I had as each of these had great stories from the Golden Age and Silver Age.

    Interesting to note that issue #110 features the first appearance of John Stewart as Green Lantern in Justice League. He substitutes for Hal Jordan who slipped in the tub. His next JLA adventure is Annual #1 in 1983. He would eventually be the Green Lantern in the Justice League cartoon.

    Len Wein exits after issue #114 and we'll have a bit of a rotating cast of writers for a couple of years.

    7 more for a total of 26

    Up next....this is where I came in
  • Posted: November 9, 2019 7:56:41 pm
  • @Spector, I see you decided to try Excalibur and liked it. I haven't been disappointed yet by any of the new X-books. Hopefully the quality will stay where it is.
    See my blog, Cool Comics in My Collection, at https://edgosney.com/
  • Posted: November 10, 2019 12:42:21 am
  • @edgos2 I am right there with you buddy. I think this new launch of all the mutant titles is here to stay. Probably like most readers/collectors, I thought ok, another "big" Summer to fall event planned. Well this was much more than expected or anticipated. And yeah, the Excalibur book really made me do a double take. I have a lot won from an auction several months back. I don't remember the count, but at least 30 or more books, and a lot of consecutive issues. I may have to dig those out for a read in the near future.
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  • Posted: November 10, 2019 12:43:08 am
  • *Lot of original Excalibur books
    People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?
  • Posted: November 10, 2019 8:42:46 pm
  • Justice League of America #117-#130

    #118 was my first comic book. I still have it and it is still just barely hanging together.If you could see my comic book collection, you'd be able to tell that I started being more careful with them sometime in 1978.

    There's four different writers in this batch. Two of them, Cary Bates and Elliot S! Maggin even appear in the story for a couple of issues. Martin Pasko is the third and Gerry Conway writes a few issues as well. More (a lot more) from him later.

    We're also in the Ernie Chua cover era.

    One notable letter writer is Dan Jurgens. He would go on to write the JLA about 15 years after his letter was printed.

    14 more for a total of 40.
  • Posted: November 12, 2019 2:13:06 am
  • Getting behind again. I guess that's what I get for taking 4 day weekends while business is slow!

    Just picked up 2 Longboxes stuffed FULL of non-DC/Marvel comics for a measly $40 from a closing comic shop. I'm talkin' about around SIX HUNDRED COMICS!

    The owner knew nobody else was going to touch them, so he cut me a great deal because of my Longbox Junkin' ways! In other words, I've got a ton of off-brand comics to read!

    Here's what I read today. . .

    STREET FIGHTER #1 - #3 (Malibu 1991)
    The kind of comics that make you wonder "What the hell did I just read?"
    The series was cut short at issue #3 by Capcom and Malibu printed an apology to readers for putting out such a crappy comic on the last page of the issue. You KNOW that's bad.

    APE NATION #1 - #4 (Adventure/ Malibu 1991)
    It's the Planet of The Apes & Alien Nation mashup you never knew existed!
    4 straight issues of WTF that made me question reality a little bit. . .

    LITA FORD one-shot (Rock-It Comix 1993)
    It's the comic book version of the 90's sexiest one hit wonder ever! Super-heroic Lita Ford uses her music powers to defeat demons and the PMRC! It's Boob-Tastic! Wait. . .no. . .it's bad. But mine is signed by the writer, so it's gotta be worth something, right? Right?

    ULTRAFORCE/ SPIDER-MAN #1A & #1B (Malibu/Marvel 1996)
    I was a little confused by this one. It's actually a one shot. . .but with two issues. It's the same story in both issues, but 1A has the last half told from the perspective of Green Goblin, while 1B is from Spidey's point of view. Interesting idea, but it's a really crappy story. Might have been better pulled off as a plain Spidey book without cramming Ultaforce in there. Great 90's-Tastic art, though!

    MS. MYSTIC #1 - #9 (Continuity 1987)
    Actually a pretty good series with great Neal Adams art that switches to a rotating team of great Neal Adams imitators about halfway through. The story gets confusing as it goes and the series comes to a pretty abrupt ending, but not too bad.

    So that's 19 more for a November (so far) total of 60. Dancing
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  • Posted: November 13, 2019 12:38:11 am
  • Still getting deep into those longboxes of off-brand comics. . .

    SYPHONS #1 - #7 (NOW, 1986)
    A pretty by the numbers teen super-team book that tries to be "on the edge". Story isn't too bad, but the art is a little amateurish and the colors are gaudy and sloppy.

    VALERIA THE SHE BAT #1 (Continuity, 1993)
    Some great Monster-ific art from Neal Adams, but the "story" is almost unreadable. I read it twice and still don't know what the hell this comic is about. I guess this is why Adams isn't known for his writing.

    MAN OF WAR #1 - #4 (Malibu 1993)
    So 90's! This story about a superhero with the power of the God of War (Mars) is like a comic book time capsule. From the giant guns to the pouch-tastic costumes, Malibu was screaming "We want some of that Image money!" from the pages of this comic.

    NINJAK #1 - #6 (Valiant 1994)
    A surprisingly good story about a high-tech Ninja/Spy with some pretty good 90's art that doesn't make your eyes bleed. BONUS! Super-Shiny Chrome-Tastic cover on the first issue! Now THAT'S gotta be worth a lot, right? *checks CBR price guide* Oh. . .never mind. Neutral

    18 more for November, bringing the total (so far) to 78. Dancing

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  • Posted: November 13, 2019 10:09:33 pm
  • Can't wait for Atom to read Married with Children, New Kids on the Block: Chillin, Vortex and that obscure rabbit comic called Usagi Yojimbo.

    Over here I've read Justice League of America #131-138.

    8 more for 48.

    New comics tomorrow and then it's time for Englehart!

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  • Posted: November 13, 2019 11:58:41 pm
  • Action Ace said:
    Can't wait for Atom to read Married with Children

    I've got about a dozen of these in those boxes. . .I'm a little scared that they exist.
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  • Posted: November 14, 2019 1:04:24 am
  • Still getting into some of the giant pile of off-brand comics I got over the weekend:

    NITROGEN #1 (Arcade, 2005)
    Here's a bit of an odd relic. It's a chaotic non-Image Rob Liefeld-written version of Jupiter's Legacy that came out 8 years before Jupiter's Legacy. Looks like it was supposed to be an ongoing series, but this one issue is it.

    TROUBLEMAKERS #1 - #5 (Acclaim, 1997)
    A surprisingly good teen superhero team book on the light side of things, sort of like Gen 13, backed up by some really good art. I gave these to my daughter and she's determined to track down the whole run.

    ALLEY CAT #1 - #3 (Image, 1999)
    I've come to learn over the years that if a comic has a photo cover of a sexy model, what's inside is crap. This is no exception. It's a boob-tastic supernatural adventure that tries way too hard to be part of the "Bad Girl" comic trend of the time.

    BADROCK #1 - #2 (Image, 1995)
    Rob Liefeld at his best/worst! An almost unreadable story about a teenage Image ripoff of The (Fantastic Four's) Thing that Liefeld never finished for some reason (Supposed to be 3 issues). I might put this one in Longbox Junk if I can ever bring myself to try reading it again someday. So bad. . .

    CYBERPUNX #1 (Image, 1996)
    MORE Rob Liefeld! Actually, this is a pretty decent hard sci-fi story I wouldn't mind reading more of. Unfortunately, it looks like another unfinished Liefeld project that never got a second issue. A bit of a shame because this is almost good.

    So that's 12 more for a November (so far) total of 90. Dancing
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  • Posted: November 14, 2019 1:47:32 am
  • Wanted to do the September and October challenges, but life got in the way. Way behind in my comic reading, so thought that I’d try the November challenge.

    1. Venom #12 – Love what Donny Cates is doing with Venom
    2. Aero #1 – Liked the War of The Realms: Agent of Atlas mini, Aero was one of the new characters introduced, won’t be buying anymore issues of Aero
    3-4. Daredevil #9 & #10
    5. Conan The Barbarian #8 – Enjoying the Life & Death of Conan storyline
    6. The Punisher #14
    7. The Immortal Hulk #22
    8-9. Fantastic Four #12 & #13 – The Thing (while on his honeymoon) vs. The Immortal Hulk
    10-11. Captain Marvel #8 & #9 – New Marvel hero introduced named Star. Not sure what to make of her yet.
    12. Champions #8
    13. Ironheart #9
    14-15. The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5 & #6 – Kamala Khan finally gets a new costume
    16-17. Tony Stark Iron Man #14 & #15
    18. Thor #16 – Last issue of the current volume. All hail King Thor!
    19-20. Valkyrie #1 & #2 – Jason Aaron wrote Thor when Jane Foster was Thor, now, he writes her as the last valkyrie, as all valkyries got killed in War Of The Realms.
    21-26. Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #1-#6 – Very entertaining mini. Frank Castle goes back in time to prevent his family’s murder. Lots of humor as he interferes in lots of key Marvel moments
    27-32. Spider-Man: City At War #1-#6 – Great adaptation of the best super hero video game I ever played – Spider-Man on the PS4. After reading this, wanted to replay the game!
  • Posted: November 14, 2019 5:35:50 am
  • @ Vengeance - I loved the PS4 Spider-man game - i don't platinum many games but that one i played to its fullest it was fantastic.

    33. Gotham City Monsters #1 - i have no idea what i just read, i hop the writing was weird because these are monsters

    34. Batman/Superman #2 - against the shazam who laughs, very cool so far and lost of action

    35-37 Scion 12-14 - more goodness from crossgen

    38. Reaver #3 - lost a little steam and not sure i will stay with this title, any great book needs a great villain and this is lacking that aspect

    39. Relics of Youth #1 - Cool bermuda triangle story and another good vault title

    40. You are obsolete #1 - kids controlling parents through an app - decent and a little spooky

    41. Scratcher #1 - Tattoo that comes to life

    42. Wolvenheart #1 - decent mad cave title about hunting monsters
  • Posted: November 15, 2019 7:57:43 pm
  • Event Leviathan #6
    Superman #17
    Wonder Woman #82
    Flash #82
    Star Wars #74

    Justice League of America #139-#150

    For me, Steve Englehart is the best comic book writer of the 1970s. I loved his time on JLA, Detective and Avengers. Those runs have been matched in the last forty plus years, but not very often.

    #144 the untold origin of the JLA is my favorite. It is a love letter to the Silver Age and featured all the DC characters of the day from Congorilla to Roy Raymond TV Detective. This is my JLA origin. It's DC New Frontier in one issue. Steve flirts with the team falling apart over their personal conflicts only to have them make peace, induct a couple of new members and even get resolution with Snapper Carr. If you only read one run of comics of Pre-Crisis JLA in your life, make it this one.

    Oh yeah, Leviathan even appears in many of these issues. Bendis is two years older than I am, he must have read them too.

    17 more takes me up to 65.

    Last edited November 15, 2019 7:59:08 pm
  • Posted: November 16, 2019 10:19:02 am
  • Man, the smaller LCS moved locations, and have a ton of space now. Visited for the first time, and at the RIGHT time, as they loaded up with a bunch of back issues...and finally had a chance to grab some of the new ones this week.
    My read pile is wayyyy too big now, so knocking it down a smidge.

    59-62. Deadpool #29, 31-21 and 37. (2014 series) The first 3 books are in the Original Sin story line. Deadpool's daughter, a government robot, Deadpool's wife, the Dazzler and more. I will mention that in issue #31 Deadpool has hold of Thor's hammer, used in flight to get back to Chicago. I know other characters handling the hammer have been a big deal. I think this one is still under the radar.

    63-64. Deadpool #26 and 32 (2017 series). 32 is a cool mary jane variant. How is he still married? lol

    65. Dadpool vs the Punisher #1

    66. Deadpool back in black #2. I think I am still missing 2 or 3 books to complete the series. Obnoxio the clown AND power pack in the same issue?

    67-68. Despicable Deadpool #287 and 294. 287 is the lenticular cover showing ASM 129. And with 294 LOVE the cover and a huge Madcap fan as well. The interior art was severely disappointing. It really took me out of the story, and that is hard to do.

    69. Monster Planet #1

    70. Punisher Soviet #1. Garth Ennis writing Punisher...need I say more?

    71. Morbius #1 (new book). This was a little slow, but I see promise and think it will ramp up fast. The peek of the cover of #2 looks amazing.

    72. What If? Ghost Rider #1 (one shot) What if Marvel comics went metal with Ghost Rider. Eh...the cover is cool. All I can say about this one.

    73. Hellmouth #1 this was a Buffy and Angel (tv series) book putting them together.

    74. King Thor #2. Why the F didn't I pick this up sooner? AMAZING read and will be on the lookout for the next book.

    75. A-Force #1 (2016) Not really my cup of tea, but it wasn't completely horrible.

    People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?
  • Posted: November 17, 2019 11:42:18 pm
  • Think I'm behind in my reading for the month.

    33-35. Tarot: Witch Of The Black Rose #115 - #117 – Lots of T&A, but it’s all from Jim Balent. Love his artwork. Followed him from his early beginnings back in 1994, when he did the art and cover for Catwoman Vol. 2, from issue 0 – 77. In 2000, he formed Broadsword Comics with his wife, and put out Tarot. Him and his wife put out 6 issues per year, doing everything, scripting, pencils, inks, colors, and lettering, and have kept the comic at $2.95US for the last 20 years.
    36. Secret Warps: Soldier Supreme Annual 1
    37. Secret Warps: Weapon Hex Annual 1
    38. Secret Warps: Ghost Panther Annual 1
    39. Secret Warps: Arach-Knight Annual 1
    40. Secret Warps: Iron Hammer Annual 1 – These Secret Warps annuals, originate from the 2018 Marvel event mini: Infinity Wars, where Gamora uses the infinity gauntlet to merge different heroes together. When I was at my LCS, I bought the Weapon Hex Annual just for the cover,
    and my LCS the other Secret Warp annuals for on $1 each, so I took them. Good thing too, cause they aren’t worth cover price IMO.
    41-44. Berserker Unbound #1 - #4 – Another artist that I always buy what he does is Mike Deodato Jr. This mini from Darkhorse, is like a Conan comic where a barbarian fighting a sorcerer gets transported into our time. Great art, and very Conanesque.
  • Posted: November 18, 2019 2:59:31 am
  • I forgot to keep track of all the comics I read over my long 3 day weekend, but I was diving deep into a couple of longboxes of non DC/Marvel comics I bought recently, so I'm sure it was at least 40-50 issues. But I won't count those.

    I took a break from the 90's and brought my subscription pulls to work to read tonight. . .

    EVENT LEVIATHAN #6 (DC 2019)
    This might be setting something up in the DCU, but I thought it sort of fell with a thud. I was SO hyped for this "event" because comics with The Question are in short supply these days, but I sort of feel like I shouldn't have even bothered. Too many characters, too little story, an ending that felt more like a "to be continued".

    DETECTIVE COMICS #1015 (DC 2019)
    I know this is SUPPOSED to be a pretty huge storyline, but it just sort of leaves me. . .cold (Mr. Freeze finally thawing out his wife? Get it? Never mind). Detective has been on a sort of steep slide downward lately. They need a new writer, STAT!

    HIT-GIRL #10 (Image, 2019)
    I like having short story arcs with completely different creative teams telling self-contained stories, but this one (set in India) is sort of a dud. I'm sticking with the series because I know in 2 issues another team will tell a whole new story, but otherwise I'd probably drop it.

    PUNISHER: SOVIET #1 (Marvel, 2019)
    Garth Ennis back on Punisher! Awwww. . .YEAH! If you're a Punisher fan, do NOT pass this one up. I noticed this has the "Marvel MAX" Imprint on it. Hopefully they're bringing it back for more than just this series.

    SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #11 (Marvel, 2019)
    Marvel is still hitting it out of the park with their Conan comics. . .well, at least the ones set in Conan's world, anyway. There hasn't been a bad issue of this series yet, and at 11 issues, that's a bit surprising.

    STAR WARS #74 (Marvel, 2019)
    The story just feels underwhelming, considering this is the second to last issue in the series before it heads into an Empire Strikes Back era "reboot". It just feels weak when it SHOULD be epic.

    STAR WARS: TARGET VADER #5 (Marvel, 2019)
    Unlike the main Star Wars series, this 6 issue mini is really good! I dismissed it at first until someone suggested I take a look. It was a pleasant surprise and one I look forward to in my pull now. Star Wars fans, don't pass this one up!

    This was a BIG surprise for me because I am NOT a Green Lantern fan. My daughter picked up the first issue, didn't like it, and gave it to me. Told me it was more my speed. She was absolutely right! It's a hard sci-fi neo noir murder mystery that happens to have a Green Lantern in it. Great story, superb art!

    So that's 8 tonight for a November (so far) total of 98. Dancing
    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
  • Posted: November 18, 2019 11:11:20 am
  • I think i jinxed myself earlier in the month as I am now behind. Looking to make the 100 this month, but that could be hard.

    43- 44. King Thor #1&2 Great continuation of the original Gorr story, this has been fantastic to read and the art is awesome

    45. New Mutants #1 - I really liked this title. However, Maurauders has been my favorite new x title so far

    46. Silver surfer black #5 - fantastic conclusion to epic story and very trippy art

    47. something is killing the children #2 - great horror story, not a lot from an action standpoint and more explanatory, will continue to read for a couple of more issues

    48. Basketful of heads #1 - slow read but with Joe Hill attached to the project i will keep going, next issue may be bloody, This has a kind of 70s horror movie vibe to it which is cool

    49. Amazing MJ #1 - just okay, a little disappointing

    50. Excalibur #1 - i actually did not really like this title very much, maybe i just didnt get it

    51. Last god #1 - interesting initial issue, will keep going, but was a little lost with all the different fantasy names, battles, and characters

    52-54. Scion #15-17 more crossgen comics love, really liking this old series and the quality is quite high
  • Posted: November 19, 2019 8:02:34 pm
  • Moving along with a few more that I had time to finally read:

    76. Dark Nights the Batman Who laughs #1 crazy cover with the robin who laughs, who I think looks even scarier than batman. I purchased the batman who laughs series for my son, and after reading this one, I may have to borrow his for a read.

    77. Far Sector #1 Not a huge GL fan either, but this was a great read. The artwork was a nice double punch as well. First young animal book for me.

    78. Batman #82. I jumped off the book for awhile, because...well King. The cover drew me back in. The battle was pretty fierce. Not bad.

    79. Fallen Angels #1 it was kind of meh. Picked it up to go along with all the new x book reissues mainly.

    80-82. Miles Morales Spider-man #1-3. Not a huge fan but bagged them for 20% off cover price. Kind of weird seeing the Rhino as a hero.

    83. Uncanny X-Force #27 I had picked up the 2 prior issues awhile back with the Omega Clan. Enjoyed this story as well, including the art. Kind of dark but in a good way, and will look for more for cheap when I see them..

    84. Totally awesome hulk #19. Weapons of mutant destruction prelude, and my first book of this title.

    85. Immortal Hulk #19. Nabbed a 2nd copy of the spider armor variant for cheap and re-read it.

    86-90. Hulk #3, 5, 6, 25 and 41. More Red Hulk stories. I picked a few books up before these recently and found these for cheap.

    91-92. Incredible Hulk #51 and 54. Part 2 and 5 to the Dark Mind, Dark Hearts story with some great Deodato art.

    93-97. Daredevil the man without fear (limited series) #1-5 Really love this story! Miller and JRJR make a great team. Thank you so much MacheteF7! Appreciated!

    98-102. Shadowland #1-5 This series has it all...some of my favorite heroes all together, and the freaking Hand the organization you love to hate and bullseye! I loved this story as well.
    People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?
  • Posted: November 19, 2019 10:16:35 pm
  • Well done Spector, you finished this month's reading challenge with lots of time to spare. Entering this weeks new releases into this database is taking up my reading time...
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