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Author Discussion
  • Posted: March 7, 2019 2:43:43 am
  • Welcome to Round 4 of the CBR Fight Club, superhero fight fans!

    And what's the first rule of CBR Fight Club?
    We talk about CBR Fight Club!

    There's a titanic tussel brewin' on the Silver Screen, my friends! There's a couple of mighty powerful ladies staring at each other eye to eye. That's right. . .I'm talking about Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel!

    So why not play out that battle in miniature right here at Comic Book Realm and right now in the CBR Fight Club ring? LET'S DO IT!


    She's been around long enough to remember punching Nazis before they even called themselves Nazis! She's an Amazon, a Princess, and an all-around sword-wielding, magic-reinforced Bad@$$ who can go toe to toe with Superman or ANY man! She'll stare a Greek God right in the eye and know she's ALREADY won the fight. . .The one, the only, WONDERRRRRRRRR WOMAAAAAAAAN!



    She's a high-flyin' half human/ half Kree cosmic powerhouse ready to throw down not only on invading aliens but any Manvenger who feels like stepping up and telling her to make a sandwich! She's so ready to kick @$$ that she's perfectly willing to do it BEFORE you even do anything wrong! She once had a baby that was its own father! Now THAT'S feminism! It's been claimed she's the mightiest of the Mighty Avengers. . .and if you don't believe it, she'll punch you until you do! I'm talking about CAAAAAAAAPTAIN MARVELLLLLLLLLLL!




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    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
  • Posted: March 7, 2019 3:20:56 am
  • Going to go with my Marvel bias and say Captain Marvel. If we are talking strictly silver screen well I can't be taken as a reliable source as haven't watched either of their title roles. But as mentioned of my biased I want to see Captain Marvel and don't care much about seeing Wonder Woman (saw her briefly in Batman Vs Superman which honestly I mostly slept through). Based on comics I enjoyed Captain Marvel or even Ms. Marvel but Wonder Woman never had enough draw to me. I will eventually watch both movies but with the way Marvel movies are vs DC movies I feel my opinion won't be changed much. Not saying Wonder Woman is bad just maybe not my cup of tea as it were.

    P.S. Also like the good ole wrestling/boxing announcing style Atom is doing in this post. Maybe if I actually watched these two opponents I could have a kinda Gorilla Monsoon or Jerry Lawler response. Haha
  • Posted: March 7, 2019 7:18:50 am
  • Atom, congrats on your second victory! You continually set the bar high not only for the confrontations, but also your fantastic introductions to the opponents. Not sure if I'll have time to come up with something snappy for this battle, but you picked a great fight!
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  • Posted: March 7, 2019 10:17:08 am
  • I second that congrats to you on the 2nd win, and your flair with words, which makes this all the more fun!
    Getting ready for work, so I will have to come back to this later, but had a bit of a spit-take with your use of the word "Manvenger" here lol!
    @Poruchny I am not the biggest Wonder Woman fan, but took one of my son's to see the movie when it came out, and was not disappointed. Not a 10 star rating movie, but very entertaining...to the point where I purchased the blu ray as well, and have watched a time or two since then. You may be surprised with this one.
    People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?
  • Posted: March 11, 2019 8:02:19 pm
  • "So old timer, it is about time to send you to your permanent retirement home" chuckles Captain Marvel, as they size each other up at about 30 yards distance from one another.
    "Don't even think of trying to sneak attack me with your invisible jet, I will see that coming before it even begins to happen."
    "Forget your lasso, I will melt that like a Starburst candy in the microwave in 6 seconds flat."
    "Any last words before I blast you back to your Gods?"

    "Give me your best shot, and you better not hold back", says Wonder Woman with a sneer of confidence, as she plants her feet in readiness.

    Captain Marvel shoots out a blast with every ounce of power she could channel through her fists....
    and right on time, Wonder Woman deflects the blast with her bracelets, angling the return right at Captain Marvel's head, completely disintegrating it, thus declaring Wonder Woman the victor!
    People want to know. How can I live like this? The risks? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? How can I live like this? How could I live any other way?
  • Posted: March 11, 2019 11:53:59 pm

    Please don't tell me that's going to be the ONLY point in this game.

    I mean. . .I KNOW I came up with an awesome battle, but is it really so awesome that it makes people speechless? Damn. With great power comes great responsibility, I guess. I'll try to tone it down a bit next time. . .
    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
  • Posted: March 11, 2019 11:59:41 pm
  • On her way back to Earth from Hala, Captain Marvel answers a distress beacon from a supply station not far from Takar II, where she agrees to take away the two hostiles, a Skrull and an ugly alien of a species unknown to her. When her craft enters earth's atmosphere the two combatants free themselves and begin fighting again, damaging the ships' navigation system and one engine. Relying on every ounce of her fighter pilot training Carol is able to safely bring the craft down on a remote island.
    A group of warrior women soon surround the ship, lead by an impressive dynamic figure. "What a gal," Carol thinks, before stepping out to the beach.
    "My name is Carol," she announces. "I come in peace. I have two hostiles on my vessel that caused me to crash here. We need help."
    "I am Diana, Princess of Themyscria. You are welcome here, Carol. May I see your prisoners?"
    "The Main Man, at your service," Lobo said, bowing with a great smirk covering his face.
    Diana got right in his face, forcing him back on to the craft where he stood beside an exact duplicate of herself! "No men are allowed on this island," she said.
    Carol told her that they possibly needed medical attention and that she did not trust them to remain on her craft while she affected repairs.
    "You've softened, Diana," Lobo said. "Last time I saw Princess Cutie Boots here she would never have let a bimbo like you boss her around!"
    "She is not bossing me around," Diana said.
    "Who are you calling a bimbo you ugly, what are you anyway?" Carol asked.
    "I may be ugly," said Lobo, "but at ladies don't call me The Main Man for nothing!"
    "He's a Czarnian," Diana said. "The last one, thank goodness. And of all men, he is the last one I would ever allow onto this island. And why does your other prisoner look just like me?"
    To Be Continued . . . .
  • Posted: March 12, 2019 12:20:37 am
  • . . . Part Two.
    "He's a Skrull," Carol said. Seeing that meant nothing to Diana she continued, "A shapeshifter."
    "Double reason to keep him off the island," Diana said.
    The discussion continued with Lobo continuing to throw barbs, egg the two women on, and comment on their appearances with every opportunity. Both women felt their tempers rise as the late morning sun rode higher into the sky, until finally Carol could take it no more. She wheeled on her heel and
    Captain Marvel zapped him right between the eyes! The Skrull jumped over his downed body but before he could take two steps Diana punched him back on to the ship and into a total stupor.
    Seeing blood Carol through a punch and Diana responded in kind. The battle was on! They punched, wrestled, tangled, dropped the gloves and went to the mat more than once. Finally, Diana was able to get Carol tied up in her lasso and discovered that Captain Marvel was truly one of the good girls, and that she had some mental issues with a screwed up origin herself. When she got Carol's agreement she released the good Captain and the pair retired to the palace to sip wine, quaff ale, and allow golden mead to slide down their throats while comparing life stories and killing time while the ship was repaired (with the prisoners secured and watched carefully by Diana's warriors.
    Late in the evening, both quite tipsy, Carol said, "By Pama that was quite a battle! Like none in my recent memory. You are a great warrior, Diana."
    "You too, Carol," Diana said. "I really enjoyed that! Wait until Kal meets you!"
    "Who's Cal? Never mind," Carol said. She finished her ale and asked the question she really wanted answered. "So who won our fight? I guess you did, right?"
    "Oh no," Diana said.
    "Please don't say it was a tie," Carol said, "I couldn't stand that."
    "Oh you won, Carol, absolutely."
    "But how?"
    "You flattened that obnoxious @$$ Lobo, that's how! Worth the price of admission let me tell you!"
    The two women clink their empty glasses, smiling at each other.

    Fade to black.
  • Posted: March 12, 2019 7:28:35 am
  • After reading up on their powers, I give the edge to Wonder Woman, since she is "... completely immune to his (Superman's) heat vision, virtually any damage, or even the core of the sun." (Wikipedia). But Wonder Woman's skin, with sufficient force, can be pierced. This is really a great battle, and of course the outcome is really dependent upon the writer(s). The real winners here are the fans reading or watching.

    My workload has really ratcheted up, so I don't have much extra time these days (sometimes it's hard to find time for my blog, even, after accounting for family time), because it would be fun to participate in a scenario like the others before me, but since I can't do that, as I said above, another vote for Wonder Woman.
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  • Posted: March 13, 2019 12:08:47 am
  • So that's 2 for Wonder Woman and 2 for Captain Marvel. . .

    All tied up! Applause

    Let's get some more votes in.
    You don't HAVE to write a sweet story to play along if you don't want to.


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    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
  • Posted: March 13, 2019 7:49:09 pm
  • I will gladly participate this round.
    Everyone and their kid knows who Wonder Woman is. Heck, she's the first female super-hero!!
    Captain Marvel (or as I prefer Miss Marvel) has her own movie now, so there's no excuse to not have some knowledge about this hero!! Yes, Miss Marvel has quite the odd past . Yes, she's had several different monikers over the last 40 years (anyone remember Binary?). Not to mention Rogue stole her powers some time ago.

    As far as these two heavy-weights battling it out, I had to input their powers and fighting prowess into my Brucifer Computronic Battle Simulator3000. What I found out after 1000 mock battles is that Wonder Woman wins 598 times and Captain Marvel wins 402 times.

    Winner: Wonder Woman
  • Posted: March 13, 2019 11:39:35 pm
  • The Computronic Battle Simulator3000 has spoken. . .

    3 to 2 in favor of the Amazin' Amazon!

    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
  • Posted: March 15, 2019 12:19:29 am
  • Okay, I'm taking a 3 day mini-vacay (because I've been doing the work of 3 people for a month Confused ) and I'll be back on Monday to pass the baton for round 5. Let's get a few more votes in!
    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
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