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Author Comic Book Donations - New Comic book site for kids in hospitals
Posted: April 19, 2017 2:56:33 pm
Board members and with sincere apologies if I have broken any rules here.

I wanted to share this with all of you first as this board has truly been my home for the past several years whenever I have posted.

For years I have been collecting. Many of you know that. But I always wanted to give back. About three years ago, I wanted to donate some comics to medical facilities and then it hit me, there was no major initiative that really was in place to help children in hospitals, medical facilities and cancer centers across the US. This is not to say that there aren't sites out there-there are. But there was nothing that I could see that brought the industry, publishers, shops and all of us into this endeavor.

It has been my experience that as collectors, many are some of the nicest people you can meet. Exceptons exist everywhere but still, many have asked how they could help.

To that end, http://www.Comicbooksforkids.ORG was created. This is a new initiative whose only goal is to provide comic books to kids in hospitals, cancer centers, etc.

Each of you can help. Please let others know. Please ask your comic shop to contact us. This site relies on donations of all types to ship comics to medical facilities. In the past week, I have shipped almost 200 comics to 5 facilities, all listed on the board. As word continues to spread, my inbox is filling up with requests.

And this is wonderful because it is an opportunity for all of us.

Let me state in closing that I dont have all the answers. Heck, I am still not sure what all the questions are. This all started with a desire to help out kids and to perhaps for a period of time, they can imagine themselves soaring through the sky, being Superman, Thor, Batman or any other of the many wonderful characters that we ourselves appreciate.

If we do nothing else but perhaps bring some cheer to these children, then we have done our jobs.

Thanks for reading, sharing the vision and supporting any way that you can

Posted: April 19, 2017 7:43:22 pm
I received an email asking how one could help. Thank you. It is easy.
If there is a hospital or medical facility near you and you have 25-50 comics that are in really good condition, age appropriate and you want to donate to them, let me know. I will personally contact the hospital and make arrangements for you to deliver them. Your name will also go on the board as a contributor to our cause.

If you simply want to share a few dollars, our paypal button allows that. Each shipment we send out costs $10,00 so again, anything is appreciated. And again, your name goes on the board!
Posted: April 22, 2017 11:06:06 am
Went to C2E2 yesterday! Over 6 Publishers (who we will be shouting out to on our pages shortly) lined up to help with comics!

Follow us and help however you can!

And you do NOT have to donate any $$$ if you cant. Just let us know the name of your local hospital that YOU want to contribute to with your books and we will work that out if possible(and infectious disease policies allow.)



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