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Posted: April 20, 2017 5:11:02 pm
Hi DB and CBR team,

I was wondering about additional cover scanning guidelines (or at least some recommendations) for wrap-around covers, covers that are in the landscape orientation, or virgin covers where additional relevant cover information is actually on the back cover.

I'm working on scanning in the missing covers for the following virgin connecting covers:

NYCC Exclusive Marvel Monsters Unleashed Marvel Retailer Meeting Variant Connecting Cover
Cage #1
Death of X #1
Jessica Jones #1
Champions #1

These covers are virgin B&W covers in the landscape orientation, that connect in a four-issue square. The back of the covers are in the portrait orientation with a big "Monsters Unleashed!" January 2017 at the top with the actual title and barcode at the bottom.

I have submitted accepted covers previously so I understand the standard submission guidelines, and was thinking about just submitting these as portrait front covers, but thought I'd ask first in case there might be a more preferred cover shot. I for one, love those that submit full wrap-around covers, and I definitely think it helps in identification. In the specific case of these four covers, due to that they are a black and white full action scene across four covers, without really any characters for the comic they are in (except maybe the Champions #1 issue), in landscape orientation (for connecting purposes) it just seemed that having the back cover might help with both identification and what the picture looks like when the comic is in its real orientation (portrait).

I'll have them scanned in and edited later today, and I think maybe I should just edit them a few ways, post links to them here, and let you guys decide which way makes more sense (or is preferred) for these types of covers that works best for CBR.

Otherwise, any tips or hints would be graciously accepted.
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Posted: April 20, 2017 7:08:58 pm
we prefer to have the full wraparound cover submitted...sometimes tho it does happen where we can only find the half so it gets submitted til a suitable replacement is found. If you discover some that need updating to the full spread, post in the corrections needed forum that you would like a cover reset and why and a mod will definately reset the cover for you to submit the proper full spread...

for the sizing scale to the heighth...the 700px....

Last edited April 20, 2017 7:23:42 pm
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