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Posted: January 30, 2017 2:12:42 pm
It has come to my attention that ComicBookRealm is in severe need of an indexing standard when it comes to the "description" field of any given comic.

I have seen some changing 1: to First appearance and others changing First to 1st. I have seen others even doing wholesale changes to descriptions.

Because of this I have instituted a temporary ban on providing descriptions for items. I will email out to everyone who has done any sort of indexing over the last year to have them come weigh in on the topic here.

All that being said, what should be included in the description? Personally I make it:

"Story Title", story part

"Description" (usually the solicitation text)

"Cover information (e.g. XYZ Cover)"

I have seen some adding characters to the description. I am not a fan of considering we have a Characters tab and it can create discrepancies, and also make it to where we don't have fielded data.

I have also seen some copying and pasting from other sites (giving credit). I am not really a fan of this as how hard is it to write up a description if the book is in front of you.

But everything is fair game. Please provide your feedback on what should be in the description field and how things should be formatted.
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Posted: January 30, 2017 2:24:48 pm
being a mod and adjusting prices, adding books, etc. for me it is waaaay easier to use the preview (scroll over) feature when guaging where i am in the price update lists. for this reason i WAS editing the descriptions to include characters and other key information about the books (origin, death, 1st cover app, etc.) when i scroll over a book or set of books, its easier to say ok there the carnage 1st app, heres the updated price...

the way ive been doing it since prior to 2014 was as follows

1st appearance of... / death of... / 2nd appearance of...etc.etc.etc.

then other important info like

limited to 2000 copies, XX joined the XX team...etc.etc.

from there story

book overview

all kept tight, clean, and easy to scan (visually) so my job is that much easier

with SOOOOOOOO much to do on the site, every saved second helps alleviate stress on us as mods. We do ALOT...and i'm sure our customer service reflects that

now i understand that there will always be special circumstances or deviations but my ultimate secondary goal would be unifying the information (which is what you are trying to do here with this post) Smile

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Doom Pulls the Strings!

Posted: January 30, 2017 3:52:05 pm
Here's my suggestions for basic guidelines ...


• Is the book scarce, rare, or very rare (define with numbers), a cover variant (include ratio, artist, etc.), a limited distributed price variant (display price in $ or ¢), a misprint, or something similar?
If so, include a brief and accurate description – i.e., • Very Rare (1-10 copies estimated to exist), or • 35¢ cover price (limited distribution).

• Are there significant key appearances (first, second, third, etc.) of prominent characters?
If so, include character's name along with the key appearance description – i.e., • First appearance of Batman (Bruce Wayne).
If the character has several key appearance items, list them as needed – i.e., • Second appearance but first full appearance of Wolverine (James 'Logan' Howlett).
If the character has a confusing appearance history – like the Marvel character Him/Adam Warlock/Warlock – consider writing see note below after the character's name and try to provide a brief as possible explanation at the bottom of the index.

• Is there a significant event in the issue that makes this book sought out by collectors?
If so, include event with a brief description – i.e., • First Justice League/Justice Society crossover, or • First time Power Man and Iron Fist meet.

• Does the comic itself have significant historical value? For example, is it the first published horror comic? Is it the first female superhero title? Was it used in Seduction of the Innocent (SOTI) book? Was it printed without the Comics Code Authority (CCA) stamp of approval?
If so, include a brief and accurate description – i.e., • First ongoing female superhero title, or • Used in SOTI, pages 387, 388.

• Was the cover drawn by a prominent or highly collectible artist or artists?
If so, include names – i.e., • Alex Schomburg cover art, or • Neal Adams and Dick Giordano cover art, or • Wally Wood cover art (inks only).



• Please include title (if applicable), number of story pages (not necessary, but helpful), and a brief synopsis when possible. Here are a few examples to use as a template for indexing if needed ...

• "The Apollo Eclipse!" – (20-page story) – Apollo is revealed to be a New Man in the form of a Warthog, his real name is revealed next issue. Apollo takes Eddie and Ellie Roberts hostage and offers Warlock to trade himself for the twins.

• "Wonder Woman Goes To The Circus!" – (13-page story, no synopsis written).

• (Untitled 1-page Fast Facts article, no synopsis written).

• If you copy-and-paste whole or partial passages from another source, you must include proper attribution in the source line at the bottom of the index. Please try to edit those passages down if you have the time.

• You can also request for a moderator to review your indexing and have it edited for you if time allows.



• If notations are needed, please be as concise and accurate as possible.
For example, if notating Fantastic Four #66 (Sept. 1967), one might write the following – NOTE: Although this issue begins a 2-part origin of Him, he does not fully emerge from his cocoon until the next issue (Fantastic Four #67).

• Notes can be used to clarify misprinted cover dates or other known abnormalities or inconsistencies.

• Notes can be used to inform members that a book's storyline jumps to another one under a different title – i.e., for Avengers Annual #7 one could include NOTE: Story concludes in Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (1977).

• Notes should be used if a creator uses a pseudonym in the credits – i.e., NOTE: Mike Esposito is credited as Mike DeMeo.

• Notes should not be used for notating individual flaws in a member's own book or other similar items.

• Use separate notation text blocks if needed.

• Attributions must be included when using information or data obtained from any reference source. This includes other comic book websites, price guides, magazines, or publications about comic books, etc.

• If needed, please copy and use the following text for sources when applicable –
DC Database (dc.wikia.com)
Marvel Database (marvel.wikia.com)
Grand Comics Database (comics.org)
The Comic Book Database (comicbookdb.com)
Comic Vine (comicvine.gamespot.com)
The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide (46th edition, 2016-17)
. Change edition and years when needed.

• Please add other sources in the same format as shown above.

... Maybe this can be a jumping off point where everyone begins with a common framework that can be debated on before a consensus is made. Thanks.

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Posted: January 30, 2017 4:14:24 pm
I should have added that there is no obligation to any member to index a book, or index it as completely as my suggested guideline states.

Please consider my suggested guidelines as how I index books here at CBR. My fundamental reason is that when writing, editing, and presenting information to a large group of people is that it needs to be informative, readable, and understandable to everyone, not to just myself as I am indexing it. That's why I try to avoid abbreviations, as they may be confusing if improperly used. Spelling things out is a good way of avoiding that.

Also, my apologies to any and all who I might have irked or aggravated by re-indexing previously indexed books. It's not personal. For me it's about clarity, consistency, and communicating information.

And if anyone is wondering, I have had over a quarter-century of providing graphics and visual presentations in print and online for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers on a daily basis. I've also written a few guidelines on presenting graphics and instructions for off-site vendors in constructing graphics.

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Posted: January 30, 2017 4:56:32 pm
My 2 Cents...

Only thing that should be in the "About" Section is a brief synopsis/description of the story and the title.
Everything else should go in't it's appropriate section.
Maybe we can add a "Note" Section for weird and obscure stuff.

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Posted: January 30, 2017 5:48:27 pm
This is the basic template I copy into the "About" window as I start indexing ...

• Xxxxxxxxxx


• "Xxx" – (00-page story, no synopsis written).


SOURCE: Xxxxxxxxxx

... I add and remove items as necessary, If a book has three stories, I copy and paste • "Xxx" – (00-page story, no synopsis written). two additional times and type in the appropiate information. I start small and let the contents of that issue determine how much needs to be added.

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Posted: February 1, 2017 9:00:27 pm
I think I should display the characters like below. Maybe if more than 5 it scrolls. Fix it so a character can have multiple designations, etc.

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Posted: February 1, 2017 10:05:50 pm
Doom Pulls the Strings!

Posted: February 2, 2017 12:03:57 am
Will that happen for every character appearance or just the ones with special note designations? There are events books and story lines like DC's Crisis On Infinite Earths or Marvel's Secret Wars where there are dozens if not hundreds of characters appearing.

Or is there a way to designate certain character special notes as keys where they are the only ones showing up in the "About" window with the rest remaining in the character listing window?
Posted: February 2, 2017 1:49:44 am
I was wondering about this subject myself. I've been indexing and reviewing a few comics here lately and noticed there was no standard "Description" format.

I started off doing my own thing, but then I saw that for the most part, people were just copying the official solicit blurbs, and so I decided "When in Rome. . ." and have been doing the same.

This seems to me the easiest way. Unfortunately, solicitation blurbs aren't always accurate as to what the story actually is. Sometimes I've found they are downright misleading. A set of standard guidelines would be nice.

Last edited February 2, 2017 1:50:52 am
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