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Read my creator owned comic book drama, SEASONS (Comic Book Forums)

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Author Read my creator-owned comic book drama, SEASONS
Posted: September 19, 2016 10:39:46 am
Hello everybody, my name is Nandor Fox Shaffer, and I am the creator and writer of SEASONS, a new comic book I'm posting online at seasonsthecomicbook.com. I'm trying to spread the word over the internet and everywhere and anywhere I can. I hope you like it and check it out weekly. New pages will be posted every Monday and Friday. The first five pages are already up!


Here is a description on the book:

"SEASONS is an original, creator-owned comic book drama for readers who want be a part of a deep and serious one year journey that will challenge how they look at themselves, others and the world around them. The story of SEASONS revolves around one character, Fletcher Hart Iiams, a misunderstood, average young man who isn’t happy with life anymore and has run away from almost everything and everyone. The entirety of this series will span over one year of Fletcher’s life as SEASONS is planned to be four separate but interconnected stories that follow the seasons of the year. The title has a two-fold meaning: the seasons of the year and the “seasons” people go through throughout their lives. There will be four limited series stories — Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter — and each storyline deals with a combination of different obstacles, enemies, themes and problematic situations the main character will have to face all set in real time. Fletcher is given a new set of powers with every seasonal transition; as the world changes, so does he. It is an allegorical character study piece ultimately about finding a reason to live in this world that will drag you down with it if you let it."

~ N. Fox

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