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  • Posted: January 6, 2024 12:54:03 pm
  • Am I the only one who is very unimpressed with what Marvel movies are being scheduled for 2024? What is going on exactly?

    We can start with last year's Marvels. I didn't hear anything very positive about that movie. I'm sure I'll watch it eventually to form my own opinion about it, but I'm not expecting very much.

    Coming soon is Madame Web, Kraven the Hunter and a third Venom. None of those look like "must see" movies in my humble opinion. If they are anything like Morbius, they will lose a tonne of money. There is a Deadpool 3 scheduled for a Summer release. The last two have been solid, so I'm expecting good things from that one.

    I have seen TV commercials for the new Echo TV show on Disney+. Hard to say what that show is going to be like. Fingers crossed. The Daredevil: Born Again series has apparently hit a few snags in the last year. Mostly due to the writer's strike. And don't get me started on the Blade movie slated for a 2025 release. There have been oodles or re-writes and other problems. And they haven't even started filming it yet! I think fingers crossed might not be near strong enough to save that project.

    I also saw a commercial of a Jonathan Majors interview on ABC. Wasn't he found guilty of abusing his girlfriend recently? Um, yes he was and attempting a "heartfelt" interview when he's obviously not a very nice man might not help his image out any. There's already a bunch of backlash and the interview isn't even out yet.

    Marvel, what are you doing? Please stop the madness and just entertain us with good movies and TV shows (um, and comic books too?). I know you're trying to appeal to everyone, but that never works out all that well. Do what you do best: fun shows with action and comedy. How hard can that be?
  • Posted: January 6, 2024 3:25:59 pm
  • Disney/Marvel is trying to appeal to people that don't give a S#!T about the characters or the history and for the most part won't go and see the movie.
    But that's what we get in this new world, changes for the sake of change.
    As for the people that loved the characters the way they were created, Disney/Marvel don't care about them and the only way the diehards can fight back is don't waste your money on those projects.
    When they actually do a movie right they will find out what the real fans want because it will do well.

    Last edited January 6, 2024 7:27:20 pm
    "Disliking everything is not the same thing as having an opinion"

  • Posted: January 18, 2024 1:19:56 am
  • Good topic, Bruce, I'd like to weigh in. You are not wrong about 2024 not shaping up to be a stellar year for the MCU regarding films or tv shows. You ask what is going on. I suspect the answer is primarily the writers and actors strikes of last year prevented Marvel from having the time they needed to write/film the shows in time for this years schedule.

    Regarding Marvels I did see it in the theatre, and despite "popular opinion" it was actually quite good imo. Not near another Infinity War or Winter Soldier or other top tier MCU flick, but not the worse by any means either. I have never paid much (if any) attention to what the critics say as often disagree with their thoughts, and to me this film fits that bill. I would love to hear from others who have seen the film and disagree with me, as to why you didn't like it.

    I don't honestly pay much attention to the Sony films (aside from the earlier Maguire/Garfield Spider-Man ones). The first two Venom's were tolerable, I guess, and I have not seen anything else worth watching and have no expectations for anything they have done, but these are not MCU films, thus no more significant than DCEU movies to me.

    I did like the Deadpools, and have a lot of hope for this one.

    I don't binge watch shows. I have seen the first two episodes of Echo and they were solid. Three more to go, however, before I can pass judgement on that series. No spoilers in your replies, please!

    Regarding future projects I never get worried about how things are looking until they put the finished project out for us to see. If they are having issues they have time to fix them, and if they don't that is all on them.

    I'm pretty sure Marvel/Disney has fired Jonathan Majors so it doesn't matter what interviews he does anywhere, I don't think. That is another factor, I believe, in slowing the MCU plans, as they were headed towards Kang being the next "Thanos" type threat, but now either need to recast, change villains or ?????? The House of Mouse is also dealing with the slowdown in the industry caused by Covid-19, and is now only starting to get back to normal.

    I will differ with you and Canuck about Marvel appealing to everyone and to people who don't care about them. To me it is not about that, it is about the corporation trying to make as much money as possible, and doing it by trying to make a bigger tent to fit more people in. Now this can only work if they tell great stories with creative writers, talented actors, brilliant directors and so on, but their track record on doing this is not bad imo. I for one cannot name another film franchise that has achieved even half of what the MCU has, and that is not even bringing their shows into the discussion, most of which have been great, with one notable exception.

    I agree with you both, however, about doing shows right, with fun, action and comedy. I would also add a key element which to me has always been Marvel's secret ingredient, going back to the comics in the 1960's. That element is the fact that all the characters share the same universe, and can and do play in each other's sandboxes. Marvel has so many great characters and I believe that almost any of them can be portrayed successfully in MCU films and shows. I like most of them and I have no problem with any of them being used in a Marvel project at any time. Yes, it's a business, but what a fun and enjoyable business it is for us to experience!

    Here's to 2025, 2026 and many more years after that of great Marvel projects!!!

  • Posted: January 30, 2024 7:36:14 pm
  • I'm not a Deadpool fan but the fact that Wolverine is appearing in the 3rd film will be enough reason for me to want to see it. But from what I know so far, it's going to be another multiverse plot, of which Marvel has been doing a lot of lately.

    Fantastic Four is scheduled for 2025. I want to hope that it will capture some of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby spirit, but that's probably wishful thinking.

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    We strike hard and fade away into the night
  • Posted: January 30, 2024 10:53:36 pm
  • Dr Doom will probably replace Kang; but they've been kind of failing on him for awhile.
    and a married couple (like Mr & Mrs Fantastic)isn't sufficiently empowering
    so I don't know.
    maybe they can surprise us with a bunch of X-men stuff.
    fans were very pleased with First Class and the cast they built up
  • Posted: January 31, 2024 7:09:17 pm
  • Not sure why they won’t stick with Kang. Just replace the actor and move on. Heck have him wear his helmet/mask for the next movie and in a couple of movies people will forget who was the original actor. Seems silly to rethink the whole direction because you had to drop one actor.
    "Disliking everything is not the same thing as having an opinion"

  • Posted: February 4, 2024 9:16:19 pm
  • I think they shouldn't stop the Kang storyline. He's a big character in the comics. I mean they replaced whoever the made the first appearances of Thanos and Hulk was replaced as well.
    Granted this is further along but it can still be done, most rational ppl would understand why.

    Marvel movies have lost some of it's luster for sure. I don't know if the casting is an issue (I don't think it is) or it's the stories they choose to tell or if it's the writing or directing but it's a lot less compelling.

    Like actions movies, after you see so many, you can tell the difference between a great one and an okay one.

    I don't think they're building the storyline towards something very well. Either do it or let the movies stand alone on their own without shoe horning in a back story.

    I did not see The Marvels but will for sure watch it when it streams.
  • Posted: February 19, 2024 9:17:02 am
  • Corporations are in it to make money, so I agree that they are building a bigger tent for that purpose. They are also looking generationally at fandom, I imagine, having now placed so many of the heroes of the 60s/70s/80s into the mix, they are looking at heroes from the 80s/90s/00s to attract those audiences that remember those years with nostalgia.

    We enjoyed the Marvels quite a bit here at home. We didn't watch all of the Ms. Marvel series but enough to get all the family dynamics. The epilogue was a treat all by itself. Brie Larson was so much more fun (because she is great - check out Lessons in Chemistry on Apple) in this one.

    We're dropping Disney+ soon (April, I believe) as we stopped watching all the Star Wars series and Secret Invasion was barely watchable, too.
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