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  • Posted: January 30, 2020 9:50:19 pm
  • I'm surprised..I just finished watching episode number two, and I haven't seen a thread started yet. What is everyone's opinion?

    It's definitely not ST:TNG! Much like Discovery, it's not 'sunshine and rainbows.' That being said, I like it. I've read comments where posters didn't like it because it didn't have the lightheartedness of Next Gen, and such. But I like it, because it's different. The only negative I give it, and it's nothing that can be changed is that Patrick Stewart is (obviously) much older. Granted, he IS 79 years old so, he can't be doing these crazy action sequences, which I wouldn't expect. But even speaking his lines..he sounds considerably..old? I dunno if that makes sense? 'Normally' the lines of dialogue are really smoothly spoken, but so far, not-so-much(with Patrick Stewart). I will watch and enjoy this series, regardless, and I'm sure within the next few episodes, I won't even care how he's speaking his lines. I suppose that my be the truly negative when it comes to the series. We all remember Jean-Luc Picard as he was when we last saw him what...eighteen years ago, and therefore, compare him to that, or expect him to be the same person/character that we remember. So..I would say that myself(and others?) need to get the preconceptions out of our minds and just take this series, as it is.
    Now, having said all of that, I'm really curious to see how the series unfolds. Many of you may know that the series has already been renewed for a second season, and that Sir Patrick himself invited Whoopi Goldberg to come back and join him in it. I hope we get some appearances from more of the old cast, and I think to see Q again, would be awesome. I think this series is too dark, and serious(?) for some Q but..I can always hope.
    Anyway, I've been enjoying ST Discovery, and I know I'll enjoy Picard so...let the fun begin!! Let's hope for at least seven seasons for both series!! Smile

  • Posted: January 31, 2020 9:40:32 am
  • I'm liking it a lot. I think it's building nicely.
  • Posted: February 1, 2020 11:32:13 am
  • I've also watched the first two episodes and I'm intrigued. Not nearly as dark as the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. Obviously the big attraction is seeing Jean Luc Picard back. From the commercials I've seen, there will be a few more Next Generation stars showing up in upcoming episodes. I'll keep watching for now.
  • Posted: February 2, 2020 7:50:08 pm
  • I've watched every episode of TNG and Jean Luc Picard was my all time favorite Captain, but this new show so far feels completely unnecessary to me. The cinematography is beautifully done compared to other Star Trek series and that's about all I like so far. Like Yoshi2001 mentioned it does feel a lot like Discovery, and that's probably why I can't connect to Picard. Just like Discovery this series is building up on action and drama–but it's lacking the one thing that drew so many fans in the first place: wonder and imagination. I guess it's suffering from the same thing that is plaguing the Disney Star Wars movies. For once I just want a Star Trek series that is smart. I don't care about how much action and drama take place. I just want episodes that make me think, that push my imagination, and take me to places unknown. It's why I still watch reruns. Whatever happen to the mystery and wonder of space exploration? Is that too much to ask for?

    And I agree that Patrick Stewart's age is really showing. He is a great actor but the dialogue coming out of his mouth right now is spoken like someone who is frail and senile. I'm not sure how much of it is really him, or if he's acting it in character. I mean Clint Eastwood is ten years older than he is and can still command lines. Not sure how Stewart is going to be able to hold up for several seasons... I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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  • Posted: February 13, 2020 8:11:38 pm
  • Well, my three friends that replied..it seems Star Trek is in trouble. According to this article posted on the Cosmic Book News site two days ago. It looks as though ST: Discovery will end after three seasons, and I'd be surprised if Picard makes it to three. I find the news very disappointing. I guess, maybe they need to go back to the 'happier' template of TNG or Voyager?

  • Posted: February 13, 2020 9:13:40 pm
  • For me that's great news as I can't stand Discovery or Picard. I had high hopes for both and have been so disappointed. The problem isn't that they need to go back to happier episodes, it's that both shows feel forced and unnecessary. They are telling stories no one asked for. From the original Star Trek series to Enterprise, each episode was like a mini-movie set apart on it's own. You did not have to watch every episode to understand a plot. Sometimes you'd catch one and miss others, catch another, and so forth, sort of like The Twilight Zone. I know it was a different time but I miss some of that. I miss the days when every episode had it's own message, it's own meaning. Many of them became so timeless that we still watch them over and over again today. When fans come together they recall certain episodes and name them by name. "The Enemy Within" or "Best of Both Worlds" are some that come to mind. With Discovery and Picard, they have to be watched from beginning to end. I don't find this original at all because every other show that is streaming follows this format. It works well for certain shows but I hate it with Star Trek. I feel like it takes focus away from characters and the message and instead draws viewers in by keeping this never ending ongoing drama that gets worse episode after episode. There is so much drama going on that I feel like I am watching House of Cards or 24 in outer space. I commented earlier about wishing episodes were smarter. What I meant was better writing that doesn't depend on all the flashy CGI and explosions. I think writers today are so lazy. I recently caught that Picard episode where a character, I believe it was the admiral used profanity, basically the F word on screen while yelling at Picard. Stuff like this makes me shake my head and go "why???" The sign of a good writer is having the ability for an admiral to swear or make another character feel small without having to go that extreme. All the other past series' pulled that off countless times. I tried to like Discovery, I tried to like Picard. If these two shows get cancelled I will not miss them.

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  • Posted: February 24, 2020 8:40:44 am
  • I actually like where this is going. I was wondering what happening in the regular timeline after the Kelvin timeline was introduced.
  • Posted: February 24, 2020 12:26:43 pm
  • There are Star Trek fans like Rapha1978 (and there are lots others, trust me) who don't like the serialized format of these two newer shows. Don't waste your time watching those shows that are grim and bleak when ALL the older episodes were not. I wish there was more sci-fi shows on, but there doesn't seem to be many airing nowadays.
    If you love sci-fi and technology watch Black Mirror instead.
  • Posted: March 12, 2020 7:18:41 pm
  • A couple of days ago, I read about a possible third season for Picard. Sorry, I'm too lazy to look, right now.
    I can definitely understand the negative reviews of it(and Discovery) because it's so dark and bleak. That being said, I enjoy them both, partially because they aren't as happy at ST series of the past. I'm all for positivity, and if the two new series were happy, like TNG, and Voyager..I would enjoy them just as much. I will say that the cinematography is really good. It feel like you're watching a movie. I think as long as there's new 'Trek on tv..I'll be happy!
  • Posted: March 31, 2020 10:31:59 am
  • I enjoyed the 1st season and I'm looking forward to the next one.
    Patrick Stewart is getting a little old but he is still a great actor.
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