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  • Favourite comic book TV series?

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  • Posted: August 16, 2019 12:02:49 pm
  • With so much good comic book TV shows out there already (and more coming!), I wanted to give you my list of the top ten of my personal fav's.
    I won't give away too much in case anyone out there hasn't seen the shows I'm discussing.

    1) Titans - Season 1 (2018 ). The Titans have been around the comic book world for a long time. It was time for a re-boot and you will be surprised at how grown up these Teen Titans are. I enjoyed this more gritty group and it felt more realistic. This show did a fantastic job at origin stories for most of the cast. Batman would probably frown on how his two protege's act when he is not around. Who knew Robin was such a ?

    2) The Boys - Season 1 (2019). Definitely not your typical comic book TV show. The Boys posits the scenario of what "real" super-heroes would be like in the current North American scene. It might not be as nice as you think. In fact it's down-right scary what some of the "good guys" do when no one is looking.

    3) Batman Season 1 (1966). If you like fun with a capital F, this is the series for you. There's a reason why you can still watch this series in 2019 and still have a hoot of a good time. Adam West was perfect casting as Batman. I'm not sure why they changed their format by season 3. The two-parters with killer cliffhangers was absolutely the way to go.

    4) Arrow - Season 1 (2012/13). This show started off so promising. This comic book TV show really set the bar for TV fighting. The flashbacks to Oliver's island life were interesting and didn't get old. The high drama (aka soap opera) was a bit over the top, but not enough to turn me off. Too bad it couldn't last.

    5) Preacher - Season 3 (2018 ). This TV series did not start off that promising. I absolutely love the comic book series, so I was disappointed big time. Season three, on the other hand, was glorious. Jesse was hot on the heels of his prey and Herr Starr would do anything (and I mean anything) to stifle Jesse and his crew from obtaining their goals. If bizarre situations, tonnes of swearing and extreme violence make you happy, what in the are you waiting for?

    6) The Flash - Season 1 (2014/15). I was shocked at how good this TV show started off. The special effects were great. The origin story of how Flash got his powers and subsequently most of his villains too was quite clever. Flash's back-up team of "normals" did a fine job helping him be a hero from behind their computers and big brains. Too bad it couldn't last.

    7) The Tick - Season 1 (2017/18 ). This is the second attempt at a live action Tick. The first try was good, but this incarnation is so much better. Peter Serafinowicz was genius casting as The Tick!! He's perfect as the dim-bulb, super-strong main hero. He totally sounds like Adam West. The story was quite an enjoyable re-introduction of The Tick to millions of new viewers. More fun than you can shake a stick at? You be the judge.

    8 ) Daredevil - Season 2 (2016). The first season of Daredevil was good, but the second season is where things get very interesting. The first half introduced Elektra. The second half featured The Punisher, played by the excellent Jon Bernthal. There has been several actors portray The Punisher in the last 25 years, but Jon Bernthal is officially the ONLY Punisher that counts. The Daredevil/Punisher chats were superb, not to mention several scraps they found themselves in as well.

    9) Luke Cage - Season 2 (2018 ). You know how they say you should judge a "hero" by their cast of villains? It's true and even though Luke Cage's original villains in the '70s comic books were pretty lame, they were re-imagined for this show. Comanche, Piranha, Cottonmouth, Black Mariah, Diamondback, Cottonmouth, Coakroach and Misty Knight are all there and they aren't lame (yee-haw!!). Season 2 also features two main villains: Balck Mariah (played by Alfre Woodard ) and Bushmaster (played by Mustafa Shakir) who do totally amazing work here. They are both vital to this season. And let's not forget (besides the stellar acting) the fights, dialogue and great live music (you'll see).

    10) Powers - Season 1 (2015). Based on the comic book by Brian Bendis, this TV show had some truly great moments. Great acting, great dialogue and pretty good special effects await all who wish to watch. Yes, the costumes look a little silly, but that's just being picky I believe. Of course the villains were what kept me watching. Eddie Izzard as "Big Bad" Wolfe did a stellar job as the main villain. And let's not forget Noah Taylor as Johnny Royalle, who was used a lot in most of the series. Not for the kiddies as this is a mature series.

    I would also like to give a "shout out" to a few series that were good all the way through:

    Smallville (2001-2011). The first four seasons were fantastic. And remember, there weren't that many comic book TV shows back in the early '00s. I just re-watched all ten seasons last year and it still holds up.

    Gotham (2014-2019). I was quite skeptical when I first heard about this TV show. I worried less when I saw Bruno Heller's name attached to this project. Yes this was a show about Gotham and NOT Batman. As expected, the villains made this show! Solid all the way through the five seasons aired.

    Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013-2020). As most of you already know, this comic book TV show did not start off all that good. It only took about 8 episodes of season one to get me hooked. It has been stellar since. Interesting characters, great dialogue and tonnes of crazy situations for the team to try and solve. And don't forget all the villains like Hydra, Absorbing Man and the Kree that cause nothing but problems for our secret agents. The last season (7) will air next year before ending for good. Don't miss out.

    Any comments or questions? Feel free to tell me what I missed.

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  • Posted: August 16, 2019 4:15:47 pm
  • I'll assume this is live action only or my list will look very different.

    Of your top 10, I haven't seen any of them except #3 and #6 as well as Arrow episodes where Barry Allen appears. Keep in mind, I don't subscribe to any streaming services and have no interest in The Walking Dead in any form.

    #1 Batman (1966-68 )
    Fun is the word and still one of the best ways to introduce the character to children. I'm very thankful the series came back for 2 animated movies and dozens of comics in the last few years.

    #2 Adventures of Superman (1952-58 )
    If Lex Luthor had shown up for a few episodes, it might challenge for the top spot. As always with these old shows, it's amazing what they could do with such a limited budget.

    #3 Wonder Woman (1975-79)
    The last of the "trinity" and Lynda Carter's performance speaks for itself. The World War II season is the standout.

    #4 Flash (2014-)
    It may have lost a step from the early seasons, but it still by far my favorite of the modern day. About as much Silver Age style fun as you could expect these days unless...

    #5 DC's Legends of Tomorrow (2016-)
    This show also has a knack for something fun and crazy happening. The real joy is seeing DC characters on tv that you NEVER would have dreamed of.

    #6 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-97)
    And I don't even care for the Super Marriage all that much.

    #7 Supergirl (2015-)
    It's gone a bit downhill in the last couple of years, but Lex (or is it Lenny?) is here to save the day. The series also gave me a lot of two of my other favorites, Mon-El and J'onn J'onzz.

    #8 Black Lightning (2018-)
    Solid so far and I really like the family aspect. Someone tell my 1977 self to buy more Black Lightning #1s.

    #9 Flash (1990)
    It showed promise, but the price to do it right was just too high.

    #10 Smallville (2001-2011)
    I agree, first half good, second half not so much. I think there are still a few late season episodes I haven't seen yet.

    Honorable Mentions
    Spider-Man episodes in Electric Company: my introduction to the character
    Shazam/ Isis Hour: great for a 1970s kid
    Superboy: If I watch it again, it might have a shot at the top 10
    The Incredible Hulk: I've seen more Hulk tv episodes than read issues of his comics
    Gotham: It had its moments, but what I really wanted was a Gotham CENTRAL tv series.

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  • Posted: August 16, 2019 9:34:31 pm
  • I will try for 10, but being late, I will see what I can do lol.
    (In no particular ranking order)

    1. Daredevil Netflix series. Loved them all, Season 2 probably the best with the 3rd really close.

    2. Batman the 60's TV series. I was lucky to grab a boxed set of the entire series at work for super cheap and love it.

    3. The Green Hornet. Bruce Lee will always be the man...get em Kato!

    4. Legion. I actually just started watching a little of this. Bizarre in a good way, and liking it a lot.

    5. Wonder Woman. Linda Carter is still the bomb. I got Season 1 and 2 (combined) for like $2 at work a few months back.

    6. Incredible Hulk. Campy yes, but entertaining hail yes. Ferrigno da Beast!

    7. Spider-man. Man these tv movies were so cheesy, but that is what we had back then. Get off my lawn haha.

    8. Gotham. I fell off in the later seasons but the first 3 I was parked in a chair with dinner to view.

    9. Luke Cage. I had to come back around to this one. Season 1 drug on a little but it picked up and Season 2 was really great.

    10. Punisher. I was skeptical when Shane of the Walking Dead was playing Castle, but he did a bang up job.

    Honorable mention. Iron Fist. I think this show got a lot of flack, but I got through it all and am not sorry for it.

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  • Posted: August 16, 2019 9:51:49 pm
  • Here is my attempt - not in order but at least 10

    1. The Boys - my wife loves the hate homelander had for that baby
    2. Walking dead - those first few seasons were awesome
    3. I-zombie - very funny
    4. Daredevil - the success of this show helped with the Netflix universe
    5. Smallville - Hey this was good back in the day
    6. Arrow - another cool show that has created a new universe
    7. Preacher - have not seen all seasons but very cool
    8. Flash - first season is great
    9. Supergirl - daughter loves this show
    10. Punisher - that first episode of season 1 where he is just a construction worker is classic
  • Posted: August 19, 2019 12:29:12 pm
  • Action Ace said:

    Gotham: It had its moments, but what I really wanted was a Gotham CENTRAL tv series.

    I'm right with you on this. When I saw that Gotham was going to be focusing more on the GCPD and young Jim Gordon, I was like, " YEAH! Gotham Central!" Didn't quite turn out that way, but it was still pretty good.
    Favorite Characters: Lone Ranger, Green Hornet, Captain America, The Shadow, Zorro, The Rocketeer, Jonah Hex
  • Posted: August 23, 2019 8:57:37 pm
  • hmmm so many series, many started off strong and then kinda lost their way.

    Here's my top ten

    1. The Walking Dead - Was very good for many seasons before kinda tailing off. I did enjoy the most recent season

    2. The Punisher - my top 2 series have Jon Bethnel in them... coincidence I think not. Dude is a solid actor and did the best job as the Punisher yet!

    3. Arrow - yes it's been inconsistent, but the island narrative, especially Manu Bennet at Slade Wilson, was really good and I give it an edge over Flash and Titans for small reasons.

    4. Titans - solid edgy start to this series. I hope it continues to grow. Very different from the comic origins but I'm fine with that. #4 because most comic series have started off strong, lets see what it looks like after 3 season

    5. The Flash- Probably my fav lead actor, Gustin is superb as the flash. The issue with this series? The bad guys are kinda repetitive (re: speedsters) and there are too many good speedsters too.

    6. Jessica Jones - Loved Krysten Ritter in this series. The first season was great because it had a great villain. I wish this one could go on it had tons of potential to be a not so typical hero show

    7. Daredevil - Charlie kinda grew on me. He wasn't great but solid enough. Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson were great and deserved even more screen time. I hate how they split foggy and matt so soon.

    8. Agent Carter - should be higher but got screwed over by ABC with only 2 seasons when it was clever and fun.

    9. Preacher - weird and quirky. right up my ally.

    10. Lucifer - forgot this was a comic. Binge watched several season this summer on Netflix. It's campy, I shouldn't like it, but it sucked me in.

    Missing the cut: iZombie, Luke Cage, Supergirl

    Missing consideration: Iron Fist, Agents of Shield, Heroes of Tomororw, Defenders

    Never saw: Legion, Cloak and Dagger, The Boys, Smallville,
  • Posted: August 24, 2019 11:59:26 am
  • Drew, no Smallville or The Boys?? You are missing out. The Boys is so awesome its tough to put into words. Smallville was also terrific and this aired WAY before anything else on your list. Tsk, tsk.
  • Posted: August 24, 2019 12:15:49 pm
  • Yeah don't have Amazon right now. The Boys may make me change my mind. Smallville is a series I keep meaning to get to, but it's just on the back burner. I will one day.

    I have a few other movies/series I never saw but probably should. Avatar and Schindler's list being at the top of things I need to see but haven't.
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