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When it comes to grading.... (Comic Book Forums)

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Author When it comes to grading....
Posted: August 13, 2017 12:43:37 am
I've never submitted a comic book for grading and I have thousands upon thousands of them! My question is:

#1 Where do I start?
#2 What should I get graded?
#3 What grading company should I use??

I seen a few place that grade comic books but I know Zero about them. I have some knowledge of how they are graded since I have sports cards graded thru Beckett.com

ANY HELP would be very much appreciated

Posted: August 13, 2017 5:36:29 pm
well... i have used both CGC and CBCS...Personally i prefer CGC.

Determining Books...
That all depends on what you collect. Higher the grade the better by ways of reselling... Some books you may just want to protect...and thats ok too.

There are a couple ways:
1. (Easiest) Typically one company will attend the bigger cons in your area. They have a booth where they do everything right there and take the book(s) with them.
2. For CGC i know that certain LCS can accept and send them off for you as well (i personally have never done this way)
3. (CGC Only i think) You can pay for a membership and send them yourself i believe (never done this either)

As for company choice...Cons typically only have 1 of the companies present for this. At least here where I live...the big cons are CGC and the smaller ones are CBCS...

If you click on my tagline, thatll take you to the CGC website where you can browse the site...lots to read there lol

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Doom Pulls the Strings!

Posted: August 15, 2017 12:41:27 pm
#1 Where do I start?

Are you getting them graded for your personal enjoyment or to sell them? If it's for your personal enjoyment you can always just used 2mil thick mylar and an acid free full back from here: http://www.egerber.com/catalog.asp. But if you're determined to get some of your books third party graded, I would first learn a bit how to grade yourself so that you can determine if the books are worth sending in.

#2 What should I get graded?

I would select keys (1st appearances that are sought after by other collectors, key origin issues, key death issues, sought after covers from the gold and silver ages, etc.) that have a value of at least $200.

#3 What grading company should I use??

Since CGC started in 2001 they have a major leg up on the competition. Usually they sell for a little more at the big auction houses like Heritage, Comic Connect, and ComicLink. CBCS has been around since 2014. They too are good. I've used CBCS and recommend them. I have comics graded by both companies. CGC's head grader, Steve Borock, left CGC and created his own company https://www.cbcscomics.com. One advantage that I really like about CBCS is that they provide free grader notes on all comics they grade. CGC forces you to pay for their graders notes if you want them. If you want to submit to CGC yourself through the mail, you are required to pay a membership fee though you get your fee back through credit. CBCS does not require you to pay a membership fee before you can submit comics to them, though they do offer memberships and offer discounts if you do join.

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