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Gladiator (Kallark) (Comic Book Character)

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Gladiator aka Kallark | Male


Superhuman Strength: Gladiator possesses immense physical strength, the exact limits of which are unknown. His strength rivals those of known powerhouses such as Thor, Hercules, and the Hulk. His strength has proven sufficient for him to lift the Baxter Building itself, displaying that he can lift far beyond 100 tons.

Superhuman Speed: Gladiator is capable of running and moving at speeds vastly greater than even the finest human athlete. While the exact limit of his speed is unknown, he is able to move considerably faster than the Speed of Sound, which is roughly 770 miles per hour. However, Gladiator rarely uses his superhuman speed while not in flight.

Superhuman Stamina: Gladiator possesses extraordinary physical stamina. His muscles generate considerably less fatigue toxins than the musculature of human beings. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several weeks before fatigue begins to affect him.

Superhuman Durability: Gladiator's body possesses a high degree of resistance to physical injury as well as a bio-aura. He can withstand high caliber bullets, powerful concussive blasts, falls from tremendous heights without sustaining injury. Gladiator can withstand temperatures approaching that of a supernova and can survive in the vacuum of space indefinitely.

Superhuman Agility: Gladiator's natural balance, agility, and body coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.

Superhuman Reflexes: Gladiator's reflexes are similarly heightened and are superior to those of the finest human athlete.

Flight: Gladiator is able to generate gravitons that enable him to fly. Gladiator's speed rivals those of the fastest known starships, and can achieve faster than light speeds in hyperspace.

Heat Beams: Gladiator is capable of firing highly concentrated beams of energy from his eyes. These beams are capable of reaching extremely high temperatures. The maximum temperature his beams can reach is unknown. However, they are capable of burning through the Hulk's skin, which means that they are able to reach temperatures at least in excess of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Psi Resistance: Gladiator is capable of causing a counterforce against telepathic assaults and probes. However, telepaths of sufficient power are capable of penetrating his psionic defenses.

Gladiator is highly skilled in the combat arts of the Shi'ar, personally trained by Deathbird.

Equipment: Gladiator carries a Shi'ar device that helps stabilize massive objects that he lifts. He may have other devices that contribute to his powers.

Weaknesses: Gladiator is vulnerable to certain wavelengths of radiation. A significant portion of Gladiator's powers, especially his strength, stamina, and resistance to physical injury, are affected by his level of confidence. If his confidence in himself wavers, he has been known to weaken substantially.


Gladiator's history before he joined the Imperial Guard is largely unknown. On one occasion Galactus mentioned a being that seems to match Kallark's description as a former herald. He became a fiercely loyal and powerful member of the Guard, personally trained by Deathbird, and was named Praetor. Regardless of the Majestor or Majestrix in charge, Gladiator will heed their orders.

He was one of the Guard members chosen to battle the X-Men over the fate of Jean Grey, who had become the Dark Phoenix.

Kallark was later charged with pursuing a group of Skrulls posing as a superhero team. He believed the Fantastic Four to be this group and attacked them. Captain America and Spider-Man found the real Skrull group and assisted in their capture.

Kallark was among a number of Imperial Guard members temporarily relocated to Earth. After learning of a Phalanx invasion of Shi'ar space he confronted Cannonball, sending him, the Beast, Trish Tilby, Joseph and Rogue to assist in his stead.

At another point, Kallark was enlisted by Pip the Troll to try and liberate the planet Skardon from the apathetic rule of the Champion of the Universe (because Skardon law would not recognize the legitimacy of any challenger unless they could beat the Champion in a boxing match.) Kallark fought against the Champion, but lost because the Champion possessed the Power Gem. Kallark spent several weeks recuperating from his injuries; meanwhile, She-Hulk convinced the Champion to remove the Power Gem, and subsequently pummeled him into submission.

Most recently Kallark was sent to Earth to find the Uni-Power, which was traveling from host to host for help against Krosakis. He found it with the Invisible Woman, and was able to convince it to come with him. Krosakis attacked Kallark and the Uni-Power as they left Earth. The Silver Surfer intervened and returned the Uni-Power to Earth while Kallark took Krosakis into Shi'ar custody.

Gladiator was able to defeat Vulcan after several other members of the Guard were killed or seriously injured attempting to capture him. Gladiator is presumably still praetor of the Imperial Guard under Emperor Vulcan's rule.

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