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Tom Holland Cast as the next Web Slinger, Jon Watts to Direct the Next Spider Man Adventure

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  • Jun 24, '15 by venomouscarnage69's avatar venomouscarnage69
  • Hopefully he nails it.
  • Aug 26, '15 by Rapha1978's avatar Rapha1978
  • Sadly this news does not make me look forward to the next Spider-Man film. It seems the movies are reflective of the Marvel comics. A reboot every few years.
  • Jan 16, '16 by MrBill's avatar MrBill
  • As ravenous a fan that I am, I never thought burn-out would be possible. But I found myself ho-humming through the Captain America Civil War trailer.
    It seems that the new writers today are not talented enough or too lazy to write new material for old established characters. So they just "kill them off and recreate them in their own image". These slackers do not have the right, morally or ethically, to recreate something they did not create in the first place. My apologies to Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, if they kill Cap in this new movie.
    Even the new Star Wars was a remake of #1, even though I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The new younger generation of fan is not aware of or doesn't care about these things. If the money is there, the comic companies (any of them) will keep cheating the established fan.
    Oh well, thank God for my Silver Age collection.

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