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Reviewed: The Vault #1 (Image Comics)

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May 2017
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It is not everyday a free comic shows up on your doorstep.  I must tell you I think the cover is gorgeous and that is what hooked me from the beginning.  As they say this is only the tip of the iceberg.  The whole comic has beautiful artwork and for the most part a solid script.

The first few pages were a little tough to get through with the dialog spanning multiple characters that are "off-screen".  It was even a little difficult because someone kept saying "Jesus" as if to almost be swearing.  Eventually you figure out that a character's name is Jesus, but anyone could read it the other way.

About halfway through I was hooked.  For some reason my mind kept going back and thinking of Deep Blue Sea the movie with a hint of Pirates of the Caribbean. Garrie Gastonny's artwork could easily make him one of my favorite artists and I need to find out what else he has done.  Just check out the "shower scene" below. (It sort of reminds me of the Luna Brothers work on Girls, but with an edge that sets it apart).

Overall I don't see this series setting sales records, but I could see it being a sleeper hit of the year and would recommend checking it out.  Head on over to your LCS and grab a copy before they are all gone. (Hopefully the rest of the series finds its' way to my doorstep as well.)

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