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Longbox Junk Adventures In The Rifle Brigade: Operation Bollock

February 2017
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Short Version:  This is a story about Hitler's missing left testicle.  You have been warned.



I don't even know where to start. I have no recollection of ever buying or reading these comics before. All I knew going in was that it was a war comic and the same team from "Just a Pilgrim".

This has to be one of the most profane, outrageous, and hilarious comics I have ever read! I loved every page of it!

Basically the story is about a British special operations team on a mission to recover Hitler's left testicle before its evil powers fall into the wrong hands. And it just goes on from there, bouncing from one improbably hilarious situation to another. Every page has a chuckle on it. I said. . .every page. EVERY PAGE! The funniest part of this book is that the characters are playing it straight, not mugging to the "camera". The art is spot on as well.

Be warned. This is a Vertigo title. The humor is profane and not politically correct. Lots of homosexual jokes in this first issue. So if you need your safe place to avoid microaggressions. . .just don't even open the cover of this book. Fair warning, snowflakes.

All in all, a completely outrageous and hilarious tale not for kids or. . .er. . .socially sensitive people.


Where do I begin? Another hilarious issue where there's laughs on every page as the team goes to the Arabian nation of Semmen in search of Hitler's missing testicle.

This issue begins to parody "Raiders Of The Lost Ark". It even includes an American adventurer called Maryland Smith. Also in this issue is an elephant dying after it humps an armored car into wreckage, more homosexual jokes, the team eating elephant penis at a banquet, the revelation of Hitler's testicle (floating, suspended by its own evil power), and a Nazi villainess named Greta Gasch. And those are just the high (or is it low?) points.

Once again. Hilarious nonsense not for kids or. . .er. . .anyone with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.


And so we come to the end of it. I can't really describe the ending, other to say that it is easily one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. This whole series has been one of the most over the top ridiculous things I've ever read. There's a lot of laughs in these three short issues.

Now I stand and slowly begin clapping for Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra.

Well done! WELL DONE, I SAY!

And so there it is. . .Adventures in the Rifle Brigade.  All in all a very enjoyable read.  Highly suggested for anyone who doesn't weep bitter tears over politics.  Seriously.  Not for kids or sensitive types.

Next up. . .I like Captain America.  I liked Bucky as Captain America.  Did I like Bucky in his own series?  I can't really remember!  But I'm going to refresh my memory on the subject. . .Marvel's 2012-2013 19 issue Winter Soldier run!  Be there or be square!

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