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Jeff Parker (Comic Book Contributor)

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Jeff Parker | Male

Jeff Parker writes more Marvel comics than you, unless you are Brian Bendis. Convention week comes right at the launch of his new series, AGENTS OF ATLAS. Soon to be followed by a new start of EXILES and 1602: THE WEB COMPLETE. He is also ending his time with the original X-Men in the miniseries X- MEN FIRST CLASS: FINALS. Also out now is the creator-owned MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE from Wildstorm. Living in Portland, Oregon (so he can better stalk Bendis), Jeff is a member of the cartoonist collective Periscope Studio.

Newest Covers
  • Marvel's 1602: Witch Hunter Angela Issue # 2b
  • Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows  Issue # 2f
  • DC Comics's Batgirl Issue # 42
  • IDW Publishing's Shrinking Man Issue # 1
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