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Best Offer On Ebay... LOL

Born and raised in California, now living in Wisconsin for the past 12 years with my girlfriend. I have a beautiful daughter and two handsome grandsons and step grandsons and granddaughter. About 10 years ago I started collecting and reading comic again.
January 2017

Pulling my hair out...

This just cracks me up.......  You have a seller that lists comics on Ebay.... they have a buy it now or best offer.....

Take for instands.....  4 comics with sellers grading of 6.5 for each one.. Okay, you look up how much they are worth at this grade.... There value is $3.00 each.... So you send a best offer that is $0.99 less than they are selling at Buy It Now price.... Then they turn around and send you a counter offer that is $0.50 less than their Buy It Now price.... LOL..... First off... dude your charging me $8.00 for Media Mail shipping... get a life... COMIC BOOKS CAN NOT BE SHIPPED MEDIA MAIL .... Plus I gave them best offers on other listings they had and what do you know.... Same thing, more counter offers....

LOOK.... If you put a counter offer on your listing... and its not a huge counter offer price difference .... DUDE... Its a sell.... accept it.... if you don't want to take offers.... then don't put a Best Offer on your listing.......

Sorry to everybody if this sounds rude..... I'm just venting.....

  • 11 days ago by mekdinosaur's avatar mekdinosaur
  • I gave up trying to sell cheap comics on ebay a few years ago. Postage charges are usually more than the actual comic(s) you are trying to offload. It also kills any chance of a good bidding war.
  • 10 days ago by dsadventures's avatar dsadventures
  • I know what you mean.... I have over 2000 1990's comics ( Valiant, Dark Horse, Malibu & ect, ) left over from a huge collection I bought sight unseen. They are hard to sell, even though they are mint to NM .....

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