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  • 12:59:36 am WCook's avatar WCook - Haha right?
  • 12:59:49 am Crookaveli's avatar Crookaveli - "Hey, wanna try some weird shit? That'll be 12.75"
  • 1:00:02 am WCook's avatar WCook - xD
  • 1:00:16 am WCook's avatar WCook - SAd thing, is I can cook like, really well.
  • 1:00:35 am WCook's avatar WCook - But it costs too much to make a DECENT, full, healthy meal.
  • 1:00:41 am WCook's avatar WCook - When I can just buy cheap shit food
  • 1:01:20 am Crookaveli's avatar Crookaveli - That's what I hate about how shit is, soda is 99 cents but a tea is 3 bucks. And so on
  • 1:02:03 am WCook's avatar WCook - Hell, buying WATER at the grocery store is almost more expensive than soda
  • 1:02:32 am WCook's avatar WCook - I don't drink soda really. I have it, but I drink water from a filter thingie and add those flavor things
  • 1:02:42 am Crookaveli's avatar Crookaveli - I want to collect rain water, grow a garden and trade massage for tattoos. I'd be set

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