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  • 11:42:48 pm WCook's avatar WCook - more money for you
  • 11:43:04 pm Crookaveli's avatar Crookaveli - Exactly. And it'll remind me to stay on top of what's going on in my field.
  • 11:43:18 pm Crookaveli's avatar Crookaveli - How's things going for you and your world of imagination?
  • 11:44:20 pm WCook's avatar WCook - Lol, decent. I did some cover penciling tonight, I'll finish it tomorrow. I'm reading a book now. And wondering why I'm still awake.
  • 11:46:03 pm Crookaveli's avatar Crookaveli - Well I'll let you get to your book. I'm off to drink lemonade, window shop ebay and ice my back. Hope you have a great night
  • 11:46:32 pm WCook's avatar WCook - You too friend!
  • 11:46:35 pm WCook's avatar WCook - Talk to you later!
  • 10:45:42 am L0ngerSh0t's avatar L0ngerSh0t - Dancing
  • 10:48:15 am L0ngerSh0t's avatar L0ngerSh0t - Shhh
  • 10:48:30 am L0ngerSh0t's avatar L0ngerSh0t - Laughing

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